Checking in on Mr. Biscuit, the Mitch Trubisky saga. Part 1.

First lets check in with my initial reaction to the Bears drafting of Trubisky.

Jesus look at this guy, he’s a mess, you can see it in his eyes. But how is he doing roughly 3 months later?

Ok this guy is a bit more calm, but he sure seems pessimistic about the Bears and poor old Mitch. It’s really sad to be so down on your team before the season even starts. Usually I trick myself into a couple weeks of “we might be good.” Not this year. This year is about low expectations and being pleasantly surprised (maybe). In that regard it’s not unlike my approach to dating. Ladies feast eyes, this bald fellah is single. Sup?

What does the future hold for Mr. Biscuit and Da Bears? Only time will tell. A-Train out.

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