Mitch Tubisky Saga: Part Deux. A Siamese Dream.

I don’t know about Billy Corgan but MY latest siamese dream has Mitch and I attached at the hip. We plan to make beautiful music together. You can tell by the album cover that I’m still the Alpha Twin. We go to the bathroom when I want to go. Mitch has to hold it. He listens to creed.   Apologies for my terrible camera work, not my best. There you have it folks, an almost full reversal based on only a handful of preseason snaps. Hey Hope is Hope. I’m an emotional rollercoaster when it comes to the Bears, right … Continue reading Mitch Tubisky Saga: Part Deux. A Siamese Dream.

New to Netflix: The Norsemen

Game of Thrones has ended but the NFL is still a little ways away, so what do you watch to fill in that blank space. No, not time with your stupid family, I’m talking about more television. The Norsemen come to the rescue. I’m a sucker for all things set long ago. I’ve seen a lot of the show sets in the Viking age. The Last Kingdom, and Vikings are both good shows, but Norsemen is great. It’s an absolutely hilarious satire of the aforementioned programs. It blends the humor of a show like the Office with a Viking narrative, … Continue reading New to Netflix: The Norsemen

Friday Round-up with first round of 2017 season’s gambling picks.

FBS College Football kicks off tomorrow at 11:00 pacific with Oregon St. traveling to Fort Collins to take on Colorado State. It’s really the only game worth betting on Saturday. This weekend is a “soft opening” of the season. The really big games don’t start until September 2nd. That doesn’t matter to us degenerate gamblers. Football is Football and I’m gonna bet on it. This Season A-Train Sports is starting with a five thousand dollar bankroll. We will be documenting our picks and success. If there is money at the end of September it will be a miracle. A-Train Sports … Continue reading Friday Round-up with first round of 2017 season’s gambling picks.

Throwback Thursday: Angels in the Outfield vs Color of Night.

I didn’t discover my cusping manhood in the age of the modern internet. I, like many young boys of my generation would go to great lengths to see a woman’s bare breast for even a split second. One surefire way to see a titty was in one of those 1990’s sexy psychological thrillers that don’t exist anymore, because internet pornography was invented. Movies like Basic Instinct, Jade, Showgirls, Bound, Indecent Proposal were all just basically the worst porno movies in history. They are all about 99% story, 1% boner but the only reason anyone bought a ticket was for that … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Angels in the Outfield vs Color of Night.

Old Coke Zero vs New Coke Zero : Blind Taste Test.

Out with the old, in with the new. Coke has scrapped Coke Zero for well….Coke Zero. Fun fact about A-Train, I’m a HUGE diet soda guy. If I get cancer it will be because I consumed daily enough Phenylalanine to kill laboratory mice. I’ve dabbled in Coke Zero but I’m a Diet Coke guy. I went through a big Cherry Coke Zero phase in the early 2010’s but I’m back to the Original. Still if the good folks over at Coke Decide that Coke Zero needs to be reformulated, you better believe I’m gonna put it to the taste test. … Continue reading Old Coke Zero vs New Coke Zero : Blind Taste Test.

Mizzou Basketball: The Great Unknown.

I spent a lot of time in Columbia, Missouri. Most of that time was spent drinking and watching Mizzou sports, chiefly football and basketball. Let’s be honest other college sports don’t matter. I managed to get a degree and get out, but I still love the Tigers, even if they are frustrating to root for. Last year the hoops squad went 8-24 under Kim Anderson. One of the games I managed to catch on ESPN was a 93-54 smackdown by the Florida Gators. This was an all-time low for Mizzou Basketball. It was coming on the heels of an abysmal … Continue reading Mizzou Basketball: The Great Unknown.

Tyrion Lannister is a Targaryen.

Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryn are the true parents of Jon Stark. This was a long believed theory better known as R+L=J, and it captivated the GOT audience until it was more or less confirmed by the television show. It had long been my feeling that sufficient evidence for R+L=J existed in the novels. Enough to all but put that theory to bed as truth. It’s not Jon Starks parents that concern me however, it is the Imp’s.               I’m here to talk about the less popular theory: the MK+JL=I theory. Ok that doesn’t … Continue reading Tyrion Lannister is a Targaryen.