Old Coke Zero vs New Coke Zero : Blind Taste Test.

Out with the old, in with the new. Coke has scrapped Coke Zero for well….Coke Zero. Fun fact about A-Train, I’m a HUGE diet soda guy. If I get cancer it will be because I consumed daily enough Phenylalanine to kill laboratory mice. I’ve dabbled in Coke Zero but I’m a Diet Coke guy. I went through a big Cherry Coke Zero phase in the early 2010’s but I’m back to the Original. Still if the good folks over at Coke Decide that Coke Zero needs to be reformulated, you better believe I’m gonna put it to the taste test.  Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 1.41.13 AM

My assistant poured while my back was turned and the taste test began. The first glass gave me a strong Coke taste almost no after taste, pretty good. I really wasn’t sure if that was the old or the new. The second glass had less Coke taste and more of an after taste. It was not as good as the first glass. My suspicion that the new formula was in the first glass was confirmed by my assistant. Overall the new Coke Zero (Pictured Left) Far out performed the Old Coke Zero in the A-Train taste test.

Now the question is will I buy this new Coke Zero over regular Diet Coke and the answer is only as a change of pace. Diet Coke will remain king. While I love that they replicated the Coke flavor in new Zero, it’s not the familiar taste that comes in the silver can. Kids coming up on diet soft drinks will love new Zero. If I had been weened on it the way I was with the classic Diet Coke, my views might be wildly different, but I’m a crusty old man now, and set in my Diet Coke ways.

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