Friday Round-up with first round of 2017 season’s gambling picks.

FBS College Football kicks off tomorrow at 11:00 pacific with Oregon St. traveling to Fort Collins to take on Colorado State. It’s really the only game worth betting on Saturday. This weekend is a “soft opening” of the season. The really big games don’t start until September 2nd. That doesn’t matter to us degenerate gamblers. Football is Football and I’m gonna bet on it.


This Season A-Train Sports is starting with a five thousand dollar bankroll. We will be documenting our picks and success. If there is money at the end of September it will be a miracle.


A-Train Sports is gonna lay the 3.5 points and take CSU to cover over the Beaver. Colorado State is opening a brand new stadium and the crowd should be pretty raucous for a day game. I think I like the under too, but I’m not gonna bet it. Since it’s the first bet of the season let’s lay an even 100 bucks on the Rams. The guys out in Oregon were probably too busy eclipse watching and not watching the old playbook.

After that we got the Bears 3rd Preseason game. I’m hoping they actually let Trubisky play, I’ve been waiting to update the Mitch Trubisky saga, I feel like Mitch and I are connected at the hip now. Also I need a second look at Tarik Cohen who might be a poor man’s Darren Sproles for the Bears.

Grand Finale – Mayweather v Mcgregor. Rooting for Mcgregor, Mayweather is probably gonna win but I just have this inkling we might be in for a big surprise. If not it was all a bunch of hype for nothing. I have honestly never really enjoyed a Mayweather fight, I need blood and guts.

Last Thing I just want to give a (sarcastic) shout out to Bill O’Neill of the Ohio Supreme court for calling the Cleveland Browns players who knelt to pray for our country “draft dodging millionaire athletes” Gotta love a crotchety old man triggered so hard by a group prayer that he calls them “draft dodgers” Bill, buddy there isn’t a draft going on right now. The last one was in the 1970’s. I think mentally he is still there. Also since when is a group prayer a protest? I didn’t see anything disrespectful from Brown’s players. Just a bunch of man babies on the internet who can’t handle freedom of expression. Would I kneel?, probably not., but you are the biggest loser in the world, if you are triggered by it.

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