New to Netflix: The Norsemen


Game of Thrones has ended but the NFL is still a little ways away, so what do you watch to fill in that blank space. No, not time with your stupid family, I’m talking about more television. The Norsemen come to the rescue. I’m a sucker for all things set long ago. I’ve seen a lot of the show sets in the Viking age. The Last Kingdom, and Vikings are both good shows, but Norsemen is great. It’s an absolutely hilarious satire of the aforementioned programs. It blends the humor of a show like the Office with a Viking narrative, and the result is really fantastic. The show is Norwegian so you probably won’t recognize many of the actors but let me tell you they are great. The slave Rufus played by Trond Fausa is probably my favorite character. He looks at the Vikings as uncultured savages, and is prone to mouthing off too his captors. Behavior which often lands him in literally shitty situations. The Norsemen is a really short time commitment, only six episodes in the first season, I knocked them all out in one three hour sitting. This is a strong recommend for A-Train.


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