Wet the Beak: College Football Gambling Journal.

Sometimes the worst thing that can happen is that you can win your first bet of the gambling season. You get an inflated ego after that first win. This year is was CSU over Oregon State. A-Train Corp. is +100 on the season, but we are not gonna let it go to our head. It was just one game.


A-Train after winning his first bet. ^

Last week was just a little wetting of the beak. This week football fans get a full slate of games to throw money at.

There are some huge match-ups this week, and we at A-Train Corp. believe you bet the big money on the big games. Nothing bigger than Bama vs FSU, where the Crimson Tide are favored by 7 in Atlanta. I think FSU can win this game. They have the talent. I do not think they are going to. I learned a long time ago not to bet against Nick Saban and it has served me well for the most part. I do break from that tradition on occasion, but it’s not happening here. I like the Tide in Atlanta. A-Train Corp. has 200 invested on the cover this week.

Michigan vs Florida has Florida as a 5 point dog in Arlington. Everyone is saying Michigan in this game, my gut is telling me to go with shorthanded Florida. This is a tough game for me, these were two of my favorite teams to watch growing up. I think I’m gonna roll with Jim Harbaugh and Michigan to cover, don’t feel great about it. Still big game = big money. 200 on the Wolverines.

Always bet on Football Guys ^

Since I’m up here in Seattle, I watch a lot of the Huskies. They go across country to Piscataway, NJ to play the Rutgers Scarlett Knights on Friday. They are 27.5 favorites. I expect them to cover that. Putting 100 on it. Side Note: The Huskies have played CUPCAKES in the non-conference the past two seasons. I’ll be glad after this year when they stop playing Rutgers and start playing Auburn.

Okay only favorites so far gotta pick an under dog.

I like Cal getting 12.5 points in North Carolina, I think the over is a good play here as well. 100 bucks on each.

West Virginia vs Virginia Tech in Landover, Md.  I went back and fourth on,  I’m taking the points -4 and West Virginia. 100 on the Mountaineer.

There you have it folks, just College this week. I’m looking forward to betting the NFL starting soon can wait to lose money there.



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