Week 1 Power Ranks: The Holy War Film Festival.

Welcome to the 1st ever Holy War Film/Television Festival. We have several noteworthy entries this year. Some are good, some are bad, some are ugly.

On Thursday we were all treated to an advance screening of Blair’s new project “Notting wrong with having Tyreek Hill”


Another Thursday Night Special was Justin’s remake of a popular 90’s sitcom.

Mad about kareem hunt

Wow! You won’t want to miss what these two are getting into am-i-right?

Next we have a somewhat dated comedy from Max. It probably wouldn’t fly today. But he’s hoping that audiences love the heartfelt bond that forms between Terrelle Pryor and a young boy.



Jimbert is gonna try to re-make the book of Eli. He better hope ODB buys a ticket or this could be a box office flop!

book of jimbert

Bryan Fallstrom should be happy with his new film, the twist at the end is especially delightful! Stephan Diggs take the lead role in Diggstown.


After losing David Johnson Jake needs somebody to step up. He’s looking to his friend Kelvin Benjamin.

Jake Benjamins2

Ok this next one is to show how I’m still really terrible at this off-brand photoshop application Gimp. We got Shapiro starring in Regarding “Derrick” Henry.


We had to bring in a special laser disc player to watch this trial of the human spirit. It was well worth it.

War Hero brings a fun and campy movie to the festival as well as a bevy of young running backs.


OK this one isn’t my best work. Neither is the next one:

Jonk wheres my car3

Wow this is a lot to binge watch. Some of these movies look downright terrible. But maybe they are so bad, they’re good?

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