Throwback Thursday. USC vs Texas. Vince Young takes all the milk.


“Taking Milk” is a term that PBM and myself use for when a player dominates on the football field. The term comes from an episode of “The League” formerly on FX. When Jay Cutler’s son fumbles his milk bottle, and another baby takes it. “He took the Milk!” is proudly exclaimed by the baby’s father Kevin, likening it to a strip/sack in football.

Texas is going to southern California to play USC on Saturday, and I’m reminded of one of the great milk-taking performances these eyes have ever witnessed. I speak of Vince Young’s triumph in the Rose Bowl over USC back in January of 2006. To really “take milk” and have it mean something especially in the College game, the performance must be against TOP competition.

Anybody can take milk when you’re playing Akron or North Carolina A&T. Case in point: Johnny Manziel won the Heisman Trophy because he took milk from the Alabama Crimson Tide when they were #1 in the country. Cam Newton also took Alabama’s milk and won a Heisman on the back of it. Why? Because Alabama is the gold standard in College Football today. If you can take milk from Alabama you can take it from just about anyone.

Back in 2006, USC was the Gold Standard of College Football. They were dominant. Like Alabama is today, they were coached by a great defensive mind in Pete Carrol. They had won 34 games in a row. The USC defense was full of future NFL players. ESPN was running stories asking the question: “Was this USC team the best College Football of all-time.” Asking it BEFORE they play the Championship Game. That didn’t sit well with Texas. It didn’t sit well with me either. I had been watching both teams all season and I was pretty sure Texas was better. The reason Texas was better is that the had the better QB in Vince Young. Texas had won 19 in a row and we’re going into the game just as hot as USC.

Vince didn’t win the Heisman Reggie Bush did. An award that would later have to be vacated along will the rest of that season for USC. Vince deserved it. He should have a Heisman in his home, no question. He was unstoppable. Reggie Bush was no slouch and he led a very hi-octane attack for USC. The game was going to be everything you could want in a heavyweight title fight.

Video Courtesy of Harris Highlights. Check out some of their other videos.

It would also be the last game for a broadcasting legend. Kieth Jackson was the voice of College Football. You knew if you were watching the Keith Jackson game, it was big. Kieth’s last game might have been his biggest and best ever. I was glad to see a legend go out on such a great game.

The epic battle ended after a 4th and 5 scramble from Vince Young. It was his 3rd rushing TD to go with 200 yards rushing. He added another 267 passing. That day all the milk belonged to Vince Young.



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