Wet the beak Friday. College Football Picks against the spread.



Atrain Corp had a good week last week in College only to see a nice chunk of our winnings go away when the NFL started. I’m way more at home picking the College game than the NFL.  I’m gonna continue to put out 5 NFL picks each week but, I am drawing the line at auto betting 100 on each game. Look for those on Saturday. I will bet based on my confidence from now on. Let’s wet some beaks.


The Friday Night Special: Illinios getting 17.5 is too much for me. There is some fan bias here. Both my parents went to College in Champaign, I’m already rooting for them in this game. I say they cover tonight vs South Florida. Lovie Smith is playing a lot of Freshmen which scares me, but I also think he will turn that program around in a few years. $150 the Illini.

West Coast just waking up games: There is too much Josh Rosen Hype right now. I will take Memphis getting 3.5 at home in a game that’s early for those west coast pot heads at UCLA. $100 on the Tigers of Memphis.

Who the Fuck is Old Dominion? game: Old Dominion +10.5 at home vs a shakey North Carolina team. In 2103 ODU lost to North Carolina 80-20. Am I crazy for picking ODU? Crazy like a fox. $100 on The Monarchs?

Notre Dame better cover this meager ass spread to silence the haters game: Norte Dame lost a hard fought game to Georgia, I think they will take it out on BC with an old fashioned Catholic on Catholic bullying. I see the Irish by at least 2 TDs. They will cover the 13.5 spread. $150 on the Irish.

Only because we bet the big ones game: No handle on Tennessee at Florida in the wake of a hurricane. I am a gator fan since I was a we lad,  so I’m gonna take Florida -5.5 and say they win by a TD, $200 on it.

I’m betting Clemson in all big games until they lose game: I love defense, and Brett Venables has the Clemson D humming. I say they do enough to stop Lamar Jackson and beat Louisville again. I’m going against my own betting strategies here. I don’t like betting against the home team in a rowdy night game. I don’t like betting against the team with the lesser of the two quarterbacks. Well I’m gonna doubly go against those, that’s how much I believe in Clemson -3. $200 on the Tigers of Clemson.

Bet against the Alma Mater b/c THEY STINK! game: Mizzou STINKS! They STINK! The Coach STINKS! The Players STINK! They are favorite’s at home by more than a TD? Purdue +7.5 all day, $200 on it.

Calm Down Urban! You don’t need to beat Army by 5 TD’s game: Yes he does, Ohio State wins by 35 and covers. $150 on The Buckeyes -30.

More home underdogs that will cover (I think) games:

Mississippi State +7 vs LSU.

Wyoming +14.5 vs Oregon.

$100 on both.

West Coast Night games:

Ole Miss will cover the 3.5 vs Cal $200 on it.

USC-Texas: I don’t want to bet this one guys. I have no handle on it. I think the USC team wins by 17, that’s a cover so I’ll take them but I don’t love the pick. $100 on USC.


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