Weekend Football Review: Beaks are still wet.

You’ve done well young man, but I must wet my beak a little.


OK we missed on a few bets over the weekend, but we hit on more and ATRAIN CORP. is firmly in the black.

Weekly Breakdown:

Week 1: +100

Week 2: +400

Week 3: This was first week of NFL season we did +500 college and -200 on NFL for +300 total.

Week 4: +450 college only

So far so good. This is where as a degenerate gambler you start to get too confident and start betting more and more. We are not going to do that. Yet.

Breet venables
Brett Venables has his very own “hold me back guy” – RESPECT.

Saturday Musings: Clemson continues to make ATRAIN CORP money. Brett Venables defense is going to be a problem for a lot of teams. I’m not betting on USC games anymore, we lose every time we be for or against them. Fading Mizzou is working real well, I don’t think they have covered a spread yet. Big disappointment for me was Ole Miss and the SEC in general. The SEC is not what it used to be the Mississippi State Bulldogs might be the 2nd best team in the conference. We loved them vs LSU and my biggest regret of the weekend was that we only had 100 the Mississippi. MORE COWBELL.

Sunday Musings: Jason Garrett is a shit coach, he throws the ball way to much. The guy had the best O-line and RB combo in the NFL and he abandons the ground game at the first tiny sign of adversity or if they go behind more than 3 points. I can’t help but think if that team had a real coach they would be taken more seriously. I drafted Larry Fitzgerald on two fantasy teams and boy do I regret it. The Cardinals STINK! Other teams that STINK: The Saints, Bears, Colts, 49ers. These I know for sure.

garrett dumb]
Make sure you ask way too much of a 2nd Year QB.


Bears Specific Musing: Was the loss Mike Glennon’s fault? No. But he’s not good and we might as well play the kid. I get why they might be reticent, this team has zero weapons for him to throw to, but we have to see what we got with him. Put in Mitch!

AFC BEST: <—–superlame pun alert, I wonder what ESPN jerk-knuckle will work it into their segment. But Seriously all the Patriots competition not named Pittsburgh is coming out of that division where Kansas City, Oakland and Denver are off to hot starts.

The team I never have a handle on: Baltimore Ravens ….THEY AIN’T PLAYED NOBODY! but they are 2-0 with two divisional wins to open the year.

and Cincinnati Bungles: This team is 0-2 losing to Baltimore and Texans? WTF Bungles, it’s time for a new regime and QB in that town. Ditch the Red Rocket he couldn’t get it done with a good OL, now that they are shaky, it’s only gonna get worse.



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