Football Friday: Dry Beaks and Circus Freaks. (Updated)

Fanucci 69
Paying the piper for last week. Beaks are dry.

Last week ATRAIN CORP took it’s first hit of the season, boy was it a doozy. 2-8 in our College Football picks last week is no bueno. Checking the numbers:

After four weeks we had our initial investment of $5,000 up to $6,250. The 2-8 nose dive cost us $850 and we are now back to $5,400. Still in the black, and do to bounce back. Current beak status calls for a forecast of rain.

Thursday Night Football Recap:

The Bears fucking suck, John Fox sucks, but most of all Mike Glennon SUCKS, and not only that he looks like a turn of the century circus freak. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boy’s and Girls…we found him foraging the tallest of trees in North Carolina. Feast your eyes on….Giraffe Man.

It’s not Glennon’s fault, this guy should not be starting. He’s a backup, a guy who can weather the storm while the starter is hurt. This is not the guy you want leading the team, nobody is going to follow that stupid fucking face. It’s time for Mr. Biscuit. It’s time for Mitch Trubisky.

Tonight’s Games: An unusually hoppin’ Friday night for College Football, we got 3 pretty good games.

$100 on Illinois +6.5 at home vs Nebraska. Last year during this game at least one Nebraska fan got diarrhea in her pants. No Runzas sold in Champaign. Go Illini.

$100 on Miami -6 at Duke. Revenge for the lateral game.

$100 on WSU -4 at home vs USC

Saturday Slate:

First let me say this week was really hard to find games that I like. Here at ATRAIN CORP we bet the big one’s no matter what, biggest game this week is where College Gameday is going. Lane Stadium, Clemson at VaTech under the lights. We here at ATRAIN corp said that we would ride Clemson, and never bet against them. We apparently just say things b/c we like the Hokies to cover but not to win. Rooting for a close game. $200 on VaTech +7.5.

Talked with my counsel, we are taking Clemson in this game, this is a flip-flop. $200 on Clemson, we are sticking with the Tigers.

Betting against Vandy worked last week, Florida off an emotional victory covers at home -9.5 vs the Commodores. +100 on it.

Betting on Cal has worked, betting on Oregon has not. We got Cal +14 to cover. $100 on it.

Ole Miss at Bama: Over 59, Saban wants to run up the score here, Ole Miss will get some points. $150 on a high scoring affair.

Mississippi State at Auburn: Under and  Auburn -8.5.  $150 on each. We just want the under 49 points. $150.

Georgia -7.5 at Tennessee we got $200 on the Bulldogs.

TAMU -9.5 at home vs South Carolina $200 on the Aggies.

Had the wrong line on this and it’s even better for us. TAMU -7.5. Still want $200.

Rutgers +30 at home vs Ohio State. $150 on the Scarlet Knights.





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