A-Train: From the Vault or Have you seen this?

I don’t know what to title this segment. From the Vault? Have you seen this? Doesn’t matter, this is a new type of BP, that’s Blog Post for you newbs. It like if Throwback Thursday and A-Train @ the Movies fucked and had baby out of wedlock.

Basically I will just talk about a movie/movies that you probably have not seen. These are not supposed to be Oscar winners people. Some will be “so bad they are good” some are just a great time-capsule to what kind of movies were being made at a certain time. Others are just personal favorites that were entertaining to me for one reason or another. You will soon get the idea, let’s kick it off.

No-Escape poster
Lol @ Johnny Drama.

NO ESCAPE – 1994.

First if you Google “No Escape” you are gonna get some Owen Wilson movie from 2015. This is not what we want. We need that 1994 Ray Liotta, Lance Hendrickson No Escape. That is the No Escape that captured the heart and mind of a young twelve year old A-Train. A lad just discovering he could pretty much get away with watching any rated R movie at this point.

No Escape is Lord of the Flies, meets Escape from Alcatraz, but set in the future. The very near future. I think the crime that get Ray Liotta sent to Prison takes place in 2011, with the movie itself taking place in 2022.

It is by no means a “good movie” it’s an incredible 1990’s action film. When I say incredible, I mean in a far-fetched way not in an astounding way. Still I love this flick.

What do you know the entire thing is on youtube?

I love how the movie opens with credits leading into a dome shot.

I love the Fat Warden, I love that actor (Michael Werner) he’s in everything he’s so great.

I can’t believe this was the best picture I could find.

I love that in 2011 an incident in Benghazi is what leads to his incarceration. Mildly prophetic of the 2012 Benghazi IRL incident.

I love when Liotta tells the Fat Warden not to turn his back on him.

I love Ernie Hudson, the only black ghostbuster can every movie better, except for Congo.

Ernie Hudson: Not so Good in Congo.

I love any movie with people trapped on an island. I love the concept. I will watch almost any film that throws people on an island and we watch them kill each other. That being said I hated the show survivor.

It’s not an Oscar film, but it’s fun, and you don’t have to think too much about it. If you got nothing to do, or are hung-over you could do a lot worse for yourself than smoking a doobie, and throwing on No Escape. You’re Welcome…A-Train out.

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