Friday Thumps That Hit Ya Skeleton


I was rereading my Wu Tang power ranks in lieu of Masta Killa’s ridiculously dope new solo offering – he’s still at the bottom of the totem pole, but him and Golden Arms just got a lot closer. Anyway, this is my top three bangers of the week blog, and I plan on hitting y’all with some flavor every Friday. Know that these joints all have been shattering the streets of STL through my JL Audio excellence in the whip. We’re going to start with the aforementioned Masta Killa and my personal favorite MC, the late great Sean Price aka Decepticon Sean aka Ruck aka Brokest Rapper You Know aka Megadon Sean aka Sean P. Just listen to P’s verse on this joint and appreciate his dominant rhyming in all its glory:

It might be on Masta Killa’s album, but that’s Sean Price’s track. He absolutely destroys that 9th Wonder beat – one of my favorite verses of 2017.

This next bomb comes from Fred the Godson featuring Vado and Jim Jones:

Heatmakerz provides the beat, and I tend to approve of their drums. Joell Ortiz works with them a ton, and if it is good enough for Joell, it is for me. The usage of Busta’s iconic set on “Scenario” is done flawlessly, and it hits my sentimental side. Busta’s verse is what got me into Hip Hop, and if they had butchered, I’d have been furious. Instead, all three of these MC’s go bananas on the beat and they made a scorcher. This is a fucking certified thumper – get with it.

Speaking of Joell Oritz, here he is, and he happens to be paired with two of the hardest MC’s to ever do it – Jadakiss and Lloyd Banks:

Kay Slay has this on his solid new album. The foresight he showed to get these three to spit on the same track is brilliant. Not a lot of dudes harder than Jada, Banks, and Yaowa (

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