Weekend Recap, Monday Night Preview : A Legend is Born. ( Hopefully)

Sitting here watching the Sunday Night Game wind down. J.J. Watt’s career might be over. The Chiefs are really good. My fantasy teams are not. Sunday in the NFL was for the most part bad teams squaring off in the early games; good teams squaring off after that. Monday Night Mitch Trubisky will make his NFL debut before a national audience. The last time the Bears were on national televison was all of 10 days ago, in a debacle led by the inept Mike Glennon. Its pretty obvious Glennon is a middling backup at best and it’s time to put the kid you traded up to #2 to draft. It’s time for titty-kissing Mr. Biscuit.

Mitch&Me2 siamese dream
I still consider Mitch and I joined at the hip, a couple titty-kissing brothers looking out for one another.

I’m so fucking ready for this to happen. I feel like little Billy Coleman right before he picked up Old Dan and Little Ann.


I’ve wanted a good Quarterback in Chicago as much as that boy wanted those coonhounds, and for a longer amount of time. The stage couldn’t be more perfect for a coming out party. Monday Night in Chicago vs a very beatable division rival. A win could turn this season right around, the NFC is wide open right now.

Saturday Gambling Recap:

On Saturday ATRAIN CORP risked it’s most capital yet betting 200 across the board on 15 different games. Overall we went 9/15, let’s look back and see what we learned.

Luck of the Irish:

Notre Dame -14.5 @ UNC : Final Score 33-10 Notre Dame covers for us again. This seems to be a team we have a good feel for so far.

All Wrong:

Pitt @ Syracuse over 65 Points: Final Score 27-24 Syracuse. This was easily under this was just Vegas being smarter than us. We missed on every over/under we took this week (0-3) It really brought down our overall percentage 9/12 sounds better than 9/15 that’s for sure. It makes the board of directors wonder if we should be over/unders at all.


Texas Tech -15.5 @ KU & Under 80 Points. This seemed like a double lock at first glance. 80 is an obscene number. We knew Kansas would would get rolled, we were correct, too correct. Kansas was worse than we thought and gave away 65 points like it was Halloween Candy. Sure we got the cover but losing the under turned our smiles to frowns in the 4th quarter.

Good Calls by Us:

FAU -3.5 @ Old Dominion. This was my favorite bet of the week, because it confirmed what I knew about Lane Kiffen. He is an asshole who is gonna pad his stats as much as he possibly can. This is why you play Old Dominion. We learned our lesson after we bet on ODU vs UNC & they got crushed. Kiffen beats them 58-28 and gets that cover by a mile. Attaboy Lane!

Tulane -4.5 vs Tulsa. Thanks to my consigliere who convinced me that Tulane was the far superior team. We won this going away 62-28, no chance of getting backdoor uncovered like we did in.

Where we got screwed…

Ole Miss @ Auburn where we went from easily covering the -22.5 when Auburn was up 35-3 but they just let that shit slip away & took the foot off the gas. Final Score 44-23. Loss for the good guys by the narrowest of margins.

Where we got lucky….

Texas -4 @ home vs KSU. Boy did we get lucky, it looked like there was no way to cover unless we got overtime, then the OT played out exactly how we needed it to for Texas to win my more than four. Final Score Texas 40 – KSU 34.

Those were just some of the highlights, check Friday’s Wet the Beak for a full list of the picks. We finished this week +600. I think that’s a weekly gains record at ATRAIN CORP. Let’s keep those beaks wet till next week. ATRAIN OUT.

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