Monday Night Football. The Mitch Trubisky Experience.

Last night we got our first taste of Mitchell’s Trubisky. Let’s Check in on A-Train’s mood pregame.

Who is this guy? He’s sounds so optimistic!


John Fox is a special coach. 4th and a long 1. Decides to go for it. Decides he needs more time to call the play. Decides that NFL timeouts are simply not long enough, gets a delay of game penalty, punts. This is why John Fox is playing checkers, while all these others guys are playing chess.


The game started out well for young Mitch.

Never Worried. Not unless Shadturd comes out.


I thought the Bears would only be playing the Vikings but they were playing both the Vikings, and Jerome Boger’s Bookie on Monday Night and the guys in stripes did our guys in Chicago no favors.

I really want bad things to happen to that officiating crew. There is no excuse for taking over a game like that. None.


Shadturd comes out/More hatred for zebras



Final Thoughts:





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