Tuesday Tidal Wave Thumps


Hey, ATrain passengers. It’s your conductor who conducts from the caboose, Prone Bone Malone aka Drewtang aka Macadelic aka Glidedrotonic. I hit you on Friday with some new blasters that are created by the veterans of the game. Guys who have been doing the damn thing and contribute to Hip Hop consistently and righteously. On Tuesdays, we’re going to try and throw out some of the new cats who I think either rep what I love or are close to finding their way when it comes to being a true MC. Let’s do it.

“Alcantara,” Belly feat. Pusha T

This song GOES IN. Albeit that Belly gets a megaton helper from one of the most slept on mic rockers on the planet, Pusha T, it is HIS track, and he doesn’t let King Push dominate the bartending. Turn the bass up and let it knock.

“As I Unfold,” Kembe X feat. Ab Soul and Alex Wiley

This is a bit slower and melody driven – not a PB Malone typical joint. But you can’t deny how catchy it is and the fact that it is both that and carries a message makes it a Tidal Wave Thumper. I love Kembe X and Ab Soul. Both of these kids bring that funk – check em out.

“Run Home,” Dumbfoundead

Dumfoundead is an Asian MC. Not common. He was born in KTown in LA and made his bones as a battle rapper.

The skills are obvious on both sides. He rips dudes apart, and “Run Home” is a gem. It’s a radio track with a message. It’s a fucking love song for crissakes! And it gets the repeat treatment for PB Malone. Dumbfoundead is this Tuesday’s Tidal Wave MC to watch. If you like “Run Home,” which dropped five fucking years ago, check him out – he’s a goddamn beast.

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