People in Saint Louis only have Hockey now, and it’s sad.

My good friend and fellow blogger Prone Bone Malone (PBM). Just posted a fantastic Blog, titled “The Blues are Good.” They sure are buddy, they sure are. In fact undefeated. I love my friend’s passion.

I am a Blackhawks fan, and not magically like PBM would have you believe. I have always been a Blackhawks fan. Like Moses growing up with the Egyptians, I was a Chicago fan growing up in Saint Louis. When you find yourself in these situations you do what you must, especially when you have friends with playoff hockey tickets. You root for the blues, or you don’t get invited to these games. Despite the rivalry I do root for the Blues when they are not playing Chicago. I want the Blues to do good and play the Blackhawks in the playoffs so we can beat them.

We are not even halfway though October, and my buddy is already creaming his jeans after a 4-0 start, pump the breaks buddy.

Hockey Standings

As you can see the expansion team the Las Vegas Golden Knights are also without a loss. You know you’re in rarified air when your team is mentioned in the same breath with the LVGK. Oh is that Chicago one point behind them with a better goal differential? Could be.

St. Louis had their Football team ripped away, MIZZOU football is terrible. Pigskin isn’t showing STL much love. I really cannot blame them for prematurely putting all their hopes on the Ice. They are unfamiliar with October baseball involving the Cubs and not the Cardinals. They are lost and confused. Hockey is their constant now. It’s gonna be real sad when they lose yet another playoff series in the first or second round, but by that time, the city will have Cardinals optimism flowing through their veins.

It’s gotta hurt Blues fans that the Hawks have won three cups with a coach that was deemed not good enough by the Blues, but I digress.

I don’t pretend to know much about hockey, I can’t pay attention to it until after football season is over. What I do know is that any hockey excitement by the Blues fans is going to lead to the inevitable post season let down. But hey maybe this is your year. LMFAO.

PS you’re welcome for this possible reverse jinx, sports gods love to make me eat my words.

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