Friday Skeletal Shakers #2: Throwback Edition

What a week over on the ATrain locomotive, family. If I’m speaking for all of us, we did the damn thang. We are definitely open for biz. It is Friday, after all.

Enough foreplay. Let’s bounce.

“Go Outside,” CyHidaPrynce

CyHi is in the mold of the TI’s and Luda’s of the world – he just doesn’t have the people listening to him that he should. Kanye signed him to g.o.o.d. music about the same he brought in King Push and just shelved CyHi for what seems to be all eternally. Thank God for his early work with dude’s like Grge Nice to give us gems like “Go Outside.” It ain’t the most lyrical ish, but it will put a smile on your face and/or make your reflective. And that’s good enough for Team Prone Bone.

“Sit Em Back Slow,” AZ feat. M.O.P.

I’ve been listening to this joint all damn week – this is the magic that is fueling the ultimate revenge on Pumpkin Spice Pewter that your boy is dropping this Saturday. Let’s just say there’s been some omissions from that story on my end, and part two of that saga dropping before pigskin starts on Sunday will rectify all of that. In relation to this joint, it’s a head snap classic. AZ was at the peak of his lyrical powers, and to bring on Fame and Danze to drop in some shotgun 16’s with their trademark “BRANG, BRAAAANG!” echoing throughout the whole track. Turn it up to 11, mafuckas. And “Sit Em Back Slow.”

“718,” Jaz-0 & The Immobilarie

Timeless. Queens. Hip Hop. Preemo. Lyricism. Those five words all slammed together = this joint. This is on one of the Premier collections that was either never released or released to very limited audiences. All you need to know is that I was cruising down Forest Park near Taylor, and while stopped at a light I threw up prayer hands to the dude next to me saluting the sound thumping from the JL. He knew what was up, PB knows what’s up, and it was IMMOBILARIE, MAFUCKA!

Enjoy the weekend, childrens.

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