One Does Not Simply Leave Montreal.

I don’t like when teams change cities, unless it’s Seattle getting an NHL or NBA team. I definitely did not like when the Montreal Expos became the Washington Nationals. The Sports Gods did not like it either and they have cursed the Nats. It is entirely possible they cursed the entire D.C. area.

Look I know how curses work, I’m a Cubs fan. Tonight’s 9-8 loss in game 5, had all the telltale signs of a cursed team.

  • Losing a ball in the lights, with men on base.
  • Hitting a batter with the bases loaded
  • Drop third strike with 2 out
  • Catcher interference
  • A Pick-off after runner is initially ruled safe. (thanks replay)

Sure that could just be a bad game but remember 2012?

Blowing a 6 run lead vs St. Louis in the same deciding game 5. With the same starter (Gio Gonzalez) on the mound? Is this Coincidence or are darker forces at work here?

Is the Curse Dusty Baker? He was the Cubs Manager during the Bartman game? As bad as Dusty has been in elimination games, and my god has he been bad, I don’t think he is personally cursed.

Montreal is a great city, it’s impossible to have a bad time there. If you willfully choose to be in Washington D.C. over Montreal, you have entered realm of curses. The Nationals did just this, and they are reaping what the sew.

I think there are other curses happening in D.C. they are having a mixer. The Capitals curse is flirting with the Nationals curse, the Wizards curse is chilling with the Redskins curse. Soon we are gonna have a bunch of baby curses running around Washington pooping on everything.

Baby Curse
Trust me, you do not want a curse of a baby in Washington D.C.

It’s is also entirely possible that the entire D.C. area is located on Indian burial grounds, that also would explain a lot. With all the killing of indigenous people we have done in this country the odds of an Indian burial ground somewhere in the general vicinity are pretty good.

Or there is no such thing as curses and next year is the Nats and Caps year. You decide.

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