Roger Goodell’s Wife is Ride or Die for her idiot Husband.

I can’t say that nobody likes Roger Goodell. He has at least one supporter, his wife Jane Skinner. She decided to go all kinds of Kevin Durant on twitter, creating a fake twitter account to defend her husband. Look it’s pretty sad when you create a fake twitter to defend your critics. If your wife does it, it’s kinda badass. Your woman has taken your slander personally, and she will not stand for it! I don’t hate this move by her, I hate how she got caught.

This Picture still bothers me. You can’t wear a Brady Jersey and put your arm around Goodell.

From The NY Times:

It wasn’t her tweets that gave @forargument away. It was some of the people she follows.

In total, @forargument follows 46 accounts. Between the national outlets, prominent athletes and others (such as  Taylor Swift, Ryan Seacrest and a popular account @FemaleTexts), she follows four accounts connected to the high school attended by the Goodells’ twin daughters.

You gotta do better than this. Kevin got caught in a stupid way too. If you are gonna make a fake twitter to defend you very public husband, you can’t be following your twin daughter’s high school. You must create a completely different person, someone with different interests.

It’s nice to know that twitter insecurities cross gender’s and races, could Durant & Mrs. Goodell be more different? See everyone we are not so different after all. The only common thread these two have is that they both have more money than most banks. If I ever accrue a vast fortune, will I suddenly really care what people said about me on twitter? Hard to say, I’ve never had thousands of people hating me or my family. I think I could handle fame and fortune if the only drawback was twitter trolls.

For Roger this is far from the worst news about him. I mean there are worse things than having a devoted albeit a little kooky wife. He has had a lot heaped on his plate lately, this is nothing for Roger Dodger.

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