The Trailer for The New Mutants dropped & it’s not at all what I was expecting.

At one point I was really into comics. Especially the X-Men, but at some point other things in life pushed comics off my radar. That’s why when I saw “Trailer for New Mutants” my first reaction was “Oh this is probably just more of the same, just new faces and the like.” If I had kept up with comics I might have been less blown away by a trailer that revealed a completely different kind of movie. See for yourself.

Most trailers are loathsome, they give away far too much of the plot & in many cases outright spoiling the plot or ending. The New Mutants trailer is different. Over a haunting rendition of Pink Floyd’s Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2) they give us just a taste of what is to come, and what to comes seems to be completely different. It’s a horror movie. That’s fucking awesome. It’s about damn time we see something different from BOTH the super-hero and horror genre.

I don’t know if this movie will be great but that is the beauty of a good trailer, I don’t have to know, I just have to want to see it.

I definitely want to see this: based on nothing but this trailer and the fact the only thing given away is that two genre’s are about to be flipped and mashed into something. I’m gonna be there to see it.

I don’t even know who has powers. There is a guy in a dryer who catches fire. Who the hell is that guy? Who is the Hero? The Villain? Most trailer’s give you this on a silver platter, great one’s just dangle that little carrot out in front of you and ask you to follow.

PS. Go easy on me comic book nerds. I know the for the die hard fans the trailer probably gave a lot away.

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