College Gambling Diary: Mid-Season Review and Recap.

Welcome fellow investors, ATrain Corp. is ready for our mid season report. Remember we started with an initial investment of $5,000. The goal being to be able to gamble through the College Football Season, in hopes that at the end we can break even and best case scenario…win many many thousands of green people from history times.

ASIP-Charlie #1

So how are we doing on that initial investment lets check it out:

  • Week 0: +100.    Yes they have a week zero, don’t ask why.
  • Week 1: +400.
  • Week 2: +300.
  • Week 3: +450.
  • Week 4: -850.
  • Week 5: +400.
  • Week 6: +600.
  • Week 7: -550.
  • Total So Far: +850.

So this isn’t too bad. It’s not amazing, but we are still in the black. We are having a blast every week, feeling good about our overall grasp of the game right now. We gotta stay vigilant, last week was our second losing week. We do not want to have two losing weeks in a row.

Upset Bug his College Football hard this weekend and it started early. Clemson #2 and Washington State #8 both when down in road night games. I take full responsibility for losing that WAZZU bet, I talked about taking Cal with P.B.M. Yet for some reason I went with my heart and took Mike Leach, (Never bet with your Heart) It’s the stupidest thing you can do. When you hear me say I’m betting for the team I want to root for, just take that as a sign; it’s time to fade ol’ ATrain.

Overall just 3-6-1 last week, licking our wounds and trying to regroup. Look for a bounce back week for the Corp. I gotta say our losses were gut wrenching. Georgia should have covered but the defense was lacking it’s usual intensity. Auburn forgot that you can’t take your foot off the gas on the road in the SEC. They were up 20-0 and easily covering, before giving it away and losing outright.

Then there were the games we were way off, Tulsa 45, Houston 17? I did not see that one coming. Apparently home-field really matters in the American Athletic Conference. SDSU finally let us down losing to Boise State, in a critical conference game that I thought they would win.

We did get a few correct. Boston College beat Louisville outright easily covering an over 3TD point spread. Purdue continues to be our rock in the gambling realm bringing us a cover week in and week out.

Sorry I let you guys down this week, I said from the beginning that this weeks slate terrified me. – ATrain Out.

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