Player Spotlight: Arizona’s Sophomore QB Khalil Tate.

Remember when Rich Rodriguez led West Virginia and they were one of the most exciting teams to watch in all of College Football? Pat White and Steve Slayton gashing teams in the run game, leaving defenses scratching their heads? Those were fun teams. Michigan when the had a healthy Denard Robinson, that was kinda a fun team. But where has all the fun been for Rich Rod. in the desert? He hasn’t really had that Stud QB that really makes his offense hum in Arizona. Well, until Khalil Tate got into the game. For unfathomable reason Rich Rod had been going with Jr. QB Brandon Dawkins for the majority of the season, but with Dawkins hurt against Colorado Khalil Tate got his chance.

All he did was set an FBS rushing record for a QB by amassing 327 yards on 14 carries. That’s an average of over 23 ypc people. Brandon Dawkins isn’t gonna get his job back. Rich Rodriguez has his guy now.

On Saturday vs UCLA Tate followed up his record breaking performance by Rushing for 230 yards and 2TD on only 15 carries.


He is an electric player, and anytime Arizona is going up against a questionable defense look out. My crystal ball is telling me that we might get some Heisman buzz about this kid, not this year, but next year. A full season as a starter could net this kid some astronomical numbers if he is able to stay healthy. The best thing about him is that he is bigger than guys like Pat White and Denard Robinson. He’s 6’2 216, and he plays even bigger. He may have save Rodriguez’s hide, the vultures down in Arizona were looking to peck his bones, if he doesn’t build some nice buzz around the program.

Next Week Arizona is on the Road @ Cal, where the Golden Bears just knocked off #8 Washington State. It should be a great test for the young kid, the air in NorCal is still terrible, and he may have to beat the Golden Bears with his arm. We shall see, he’s a much different QB than Luke Falk, Cal is gonna have their hands full.


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