The NBA Season Starts tonight: We enter the Sports Nexus.

What exactly is the Sports Nexus? It’s from when the NBA season starts, until the World Series is finished. It is when the 4 major Pro Sports and College Football are all competing for the attention of the sports world. If you are a pro athlete now is when you can get into a bar fight and it won’t lead every sports publication in America. Don’t do that shit in July or August.

It’s also the best and busiest time for a sports blogger, there is no looking for content this time of year. Content falls right into your lap. No combing reddit for an obscure curling scandal, just grab a story out of a hat and start firing off takes.

This is a degenerate gamblers holiday season, every night there is a bet to be made. Every night you get a chance to set your cash on fire. Every night there is an excuse to drink. Alcoholics and gamblers alike are often forged in the crucible of the Sports Nexus.

Today we have the start of the NBA, 2 Playoff Baseball Games, 10 Hockey games, and it’s just a random Tuesday. Wait until a Thursday or the Weekend, when Football shows up, that’s when things really start to overload.

On top of the Nexus, Barstool Sports new show Van Talk, premieres tonight amid controversy, after a known working mother, and ESPN employee Samantha Saint-Claire took issue with statements made from Barstool about herself and her Husband former NFL player Christian Saint-Claire. (Formerly Christian Ponder) Ponder took his wife’s last name after the wedding. The guys over at Pardon my Take who produce the show, seem unconcerned with the twittering’s of a wanna be victim.

All in all Tuesday October 17th is the most sports filled Tuesday of 2017, and the birth of the nexus. It only last until the end of the World Series so enjoy it while it lasts.

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