Tuesday Tidal Wave Thumps: The Wrath of Soul Khan / K.A.A.N.

Conducting from the caboose – it’s what we do on Tuesday, ATrain passengers. This edition took inspiration from our fearless leader’s profile of that bad mafucka Khalil Tate. I’m going to introduce you all to two of the young guns in Hip Hop whom I believe are monsters in the making. Now, they won’t reach their full beast potential if the culture doesn’t shift from dudes wearing bridal gowns and holding water gun AK’s back to Timbs, Superstars, Hoodies, and home town fitteds, but we dream here on the Train. Let’s start with our man Soul Khan from BK.

Soul Khan feat. Akie Bermiss, “Mr. Governor”

This song lays to waste the notion of the death penalty being viable. Akie’s hook is hypnotic, but it is Soul Khan who shows y’all what rhyming is. The Audible Doctor is the best young boom bap producer in the game, so him on the 1’s & 2’s doesn’t hurt anything ever. This next video will blow your mind if you truly think Soul Khan is the MC I do.

Soul Khan feat. Akie Bermiss, “Speeding Bullets”

That’s right, rail riders. Soul Khan is a white dude with glasses. Jewish too. Unreal, no? He reunites with his hook master Akie Bermiss to bust bars about the dichotomy that exists when having “super powers.” When he is in bad super mode and spits about using his x-ray vision to spy on everyone fucking, he slays me.

Soul Khan, “Rufus”

This joint comes off his four track EP that he did with DeeJay Element a few years ago – Element is second to Audible Doc as far as young, Premier inspired producers go. Each of the four tracks are derived from material based on Soul Khan’s two pups – Hugu & Rufus. Pretty dope shit.

If you want more Soul Khan, just hit me up in the comments. I got it on deck. Let’s do a brief overview of the other K.A.A.N. His name is an acronym inspired by KRS ONE (Knowledge Rules Supreme Over Nearly Everyone), and it stands for Knowledge Above All Nonsense. I hope you’re sitting down – this young cat goes IN.

K.A.A.N., “Kaancepts 2”

Wasn’t joking, was I? I can’t fathom how he manages to do his syllable work at that speed. He makes all speed rappers of the past (aside from Tech N9ne) look silly. But wait…der’s more!

K.A.A.N., “Concealed the Outro”

Young man just don’t quit! He’s a mid-twenties brick mason from Baltimore. Bump him loud and bump him proud. He is EXACTLY what Hip Hop needs. One more from the lad coming.

K.A.A.N., “K.A.A.N. The Conqueror”

Mind blowing to say the least.

We have reached our final destination – Hip Hop Hotshit Boulevard. Don’t forget to tip your conductors and share this shit with your friends. Later, family.

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