HBO’s The Deuce has the potential to be on the level with The Wire.

I say potential, The Deuce has a long way to go before it’s on the level with The Wire. I’m four episodes into the The Deuce, halfway through an 8 episode season.

(Side Note: Only 8 episodes? Game of Thrones just broke from 10 episodes. Is the 10 episode HBO standard gone now? Is HBO slowly bringing down to the 6 episode standard in the UK?)

Thinking back on The Wire after only four episodes, I remember the first two episodes being almost wholly devoted to introducing the MANY characters. Along with Character introduction you see how these characters fit into the established world. It takes time to set a stage this in depth, so you don’t get a ton of plot early on. The first two episodes of The Deuce are the same. There are lots of pimps, prostitutes, police, gangsters, to get to know. We are led to believe that Maggie Gillenhall and one of James Franco’s character’s (he’s plays two roles, a pair of brothers) are the main characters, but like The Wire, the focus is on a bigger picture, there is no “main” character.

That’s not to say these characters don’t have arc, they do. Each person on The Deuce is the hero of their own story.

C.C. is a violent almost sociopathic pimp but his actions drive a compelling narrative, as do the actions of Darlene a sympathetic street walker, or Abby; the NYC dropout who comes from privilege trying to make it on her own. David Simon and George Pelacanos, the shows creators weave, and intertwine these plots as seamlessly, as they did in The Wire.

If you were a fan of The Wire, then the Cast of The Deuce will have you giddy.

I was about to do a break down but someone else did a better job.

When I watch the deuce I have this feeling that the character’s in the Deuce are actually the parents of characters in The Wire. Obviously I know this is only the case in my mind. But it is still fun to think that Cheese Wagstaff might be the illegitimate son of Rodney the Pimp, since they are both played by Method Man.

I see the family resemblance…do you

I can’t wait to watch the second half of the season, the plot is just beginning to unfold. Will update after I have finished the first season.

ATRAIN doesn’t want to tell you what to watch, I know we are in the Sports Nexus and there is little time for scripted television, but when you get the time, watch The Deuce. We need to support good TV so more of it gets made.

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