State of the Union for ATrain’s Overall Fandom. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

There is no better time to take an account of your favorite teams during than during the Sports Nexus, especially if you have a baseball team still alive as I do. (At least until tonight.)

The Good.

The Chicago Cubs: Down 0-3 to the Dodgers, is now down 1-3, and I get to sweat out another playoff baseball game. Playoff baseball can take years off a passionate fan’s life, especially if Joe Maddon happens to manage your team. Still win or lose the state of the Cubs is pretty damn good. This team should contend for years to come. Final Grade A.

The Chicago Blackhawks: I hesitate to put them in the good category but I can’t call them bad. The hesitation comes on the heels of an 0-4 ass kicking by the Blues. I’m worried that this team is gonna be good enough to make the playoffs but then bow out to a tougher team like they did year. Final Grade A-

Washington Husky Football: The Program is in great shape going forward, will need a better QB than Jake Browning to contend for a national title though. Well coached team that does a decent job recruiting. Final Grade B+

The Bad:

The Chicago Bears: I mean this team is 2-4 and has the worst weapons at WR in the history of the NFL. Ole Miss has better WRs than the Chicago Bears, that’s not me exaggerating. We are #TEAM-TRUBISKY at ATRAIN SPORTS, but our guy has nobody to throw to. If this team paid the money they spent on Glennon to retain Alshon Jeffery the Bears could actually contend for the division with Aaron Rodgers out. Now they seem destined for a last place finish. Still this team is one solid draft and a forward step from a young QB to being well on it’s way to competing. There is hope. Hope is just hope though, the team, as it is now, sucks. Final Grade D+ 

Florida Gator Football: I don’t talk a lot about my UF fandom, I have almost no connection to the school. I latched onto them because when I was really getting into following college football the Steve Spurrier led Florida Gators rules the SEC and had a heated in-state rivalry with the Florida State seminoles led by Bobby Bowden. At the time Florida-Florida State was a game you circled on your calendar in terms of impact on the national championship picture; the way you might circle the SEC Championship today. It was that big of a game. Lately the Gators have taken a major step back, I don’t see this team getting back to glory anytime soon. Final Grade C-

FSU-FLA was the best college rivalry of the 1990’s

MIZZOU Football: I mean did you guys even show up to class this semester? Or were you off getting stoned in the boys bathroom. Hire a real coach and run a real offense. Final Grade F.

The Ugly:

The Chicago Bulls: The Bulls are pathetic. They are run by imbeciles. The coach is so painfully inept it hurts to watch. The players are awful. Now we have all that plus a major fight thats gonna land one player needing surgery and another suspended for 8 games. The tank is as on as it gets in Chicago. The only problem is that the same inmates will be running the asylum even you you do land the # 1-2 pick. Final Grade F.

Not receiving  grades: College Basketball.



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