Friday Skeletal Shakers: Dub/Dancehall Edition

The standard train horn has been replaced with this one for the day, rail riders:

When PBM is loose in the caboose with the Dancehall making me Dub all over the cab, good lord family! Things get crazy. This week has been gorgeous in the STL, and my fixation of the Caribbean sounds started by firing up good old Marley himself. “Exodus” and “Irion Lion” are my two favorites by Bob and the Wailers, and by diving into those, I got back into a Dancehall playlist I’d made on Spotify a few years back. Here are a few of those bass knockin’, air horn blastin’, dick shakin’ joints for your auditory pleasure.

Clipse & Vybz Kartel, “Double Down”

This tracks BOOMS through the JL. I’ve been shaking the streets of the West End all day and night to King Push, Malice, and Vybz’s ferocity laden thumper. If you don’t like this banger, I don’t like you.

Sean Paui & Tony Touch, “Ay Ay Ay”

Ya boy PBM has seen Sean Paul in concert. Took the now Ex Mrs. PBM when we first moved to Los Angeles back in 2012. Seannay Paul gets it done – he might be a bit of a pussy and the son of a dentist or some shit, but when he yells “DUTTY ROCK,” them hips swang.

Dexta Daps, “Shabba Madda Pot”

I have no idea what he’s saying most of this song. The only part I really catch is when he yells “shots fired every man I drop flat!” And that’s good enough for me, but this track is John Blaze fire. Keep doing your thing, young Dexta Daps from Trinidad. The PBM Caboose is hitched on.

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