Tuesday Tidal Wave Thumps

Alllllll abbbooooarrrrddd! The Tuesday Tidal Wave Thump freight train is leaving ATrain station and pulling into Shake The Shit out of The Pavement junction at half past the hour. If you want to stand on the bridge after you finish your ride and get soaked, that’s on you. Just as long as you know the caboose is loose and I’m not going to stop pumpin’ that bitch full of juice. Let’s get into the joint rupturing joints of the day:

Anilyst, “Hold Down”

Young man has some skills. Love the name, and while the track is a bit too new school at its core, it gets the job done. My critique is this – make the hook as fresh as the bars, my dude! Apply the same creativity you’re obviously throwing at your name, your album cover, the crux of your lyrical game, and everything else. Your hooks will make you a star – don’t fall prey to the new age bullshit hook trade. It’ll sink ya before you had an hour to float.

Darc Mind, “Visions of a Blur”

This track should be on repeat at Anilyst’s house. It’s what he’s going for, and it is just on another level of skill + whiplash through head nod potential. Darc Mind didn’t do much else, but he made this joint, and for me, that’s legacy in and of itself. A soulful banger that should make you think about how you’re handling yourself in the present moment – if it doesn’t, maybe work on gettin’g some karma points like my boy Jared said he was doing.

Xzibit, “Criminal Set”

He didn’t just pimp rides, you clown shoes. He was a goddamn lunatic MC in his prime, and this might be my favorite X to the Z joint ever. It’s old as hell, but it feel through the cracks for most, and it’s blaring through my speakers in the home + whip right now. Enjoy this ish.

Prof, “Barbreaker”

This is Prone Bone Malone in Hip Hop form. If ya can’t fux with it, we don’t fux with you. Get nasty, y’all.

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