On Friday’s We Wet the Beak.

We try to at least.

Dry beak climate change
Climate Change and drought have made our beaks drier than usual.

The last two weeks have not been kind. We have lost $$$ in back to back weekends for the first time this season. Time to steady the ship, and the good news is that we remain in the black.

I got us started with some preliminary picks yesterday:

PSU +7 at OSU. (I am slightly less confident in this pick a day later, because of some thing I heard coming out of Columbus, they had a great week of practice, they had the previous week off..yada..yada..yada.) 

Arizona +3 home vs. Washington State.

Texas Tech +20 at Oklahoma.

We locked these games in at $250 a pop.

Logs on the fire…. What games do we add now, let’s get this thing crackling.

The Reverse Fade:

Mizzou -13 at UConn: Yes the trend has been to fade Mizzou all year. However, last week I really wanted to bet on them vs Idaho and didn’t. That was stupid b/c it was free money. The reason I didn’t is because we constantly bet against Mizzou. The thing is they have covered lately, and I think this trend continues as long as they play outside the SEC. $250 on the OG alma mater. I like that this game is at night I think the Mizzou Tigers play better under the lights a lot of the time, I have no numbers to back this up.

The under in this game is also a great play I think at 76.5 points. That seems like at lot, but O/U’s have killed us. I am personally staying away.

Said we would:

Clemson -13.5 at Georgia Tech. This spread actually went down from where it opened. That’s a bit odd but I guess we will take it. Kelly Brant is going to play so I like our chances. I would love to see the true Frosh #9 on Clemson get more involved. He is lightning in a bottle. Get him on your radar.

You don’t need to bet on Illinois just b/c both your parents went there, and you used to own a #97 Simeon Rice Illini Jersey game:

Simeaon RIce.png
Kids ask your grandparents about Simeon Rice. Even then they rarely beat Wisconsin.

Wisconsin -26.5 at Illinois: Yeesh this spread is higher than I was on my senior trip to the Bahamas. I must be high for betting it. Wisconsin is just gonna run it down Illinois throats. they are gonna score 40 points. So can Illinois score enough points to cover against a team just running it? I’m gonna put $150 on Bucky and say no.

Don’t let me down game:

Miami -20 at North Carolina: I am putting a lot of faith in the Hurricanes here, this is a big spread on the road, my gut just tells me they cover this and try to pad stats. $200 on the U.

We are getting to where good teams like Wisconsin and Miami needs to get style points as well as just wins. Running up the score vs bad teams, and looking good on both sides of the ball is important to teams with playoff aspirations. Wisconsin and Miami both fall into this category. Thats why I like them to beat these big numbers.

Oh shit this game is tonight:

Going through my sheets I just saw that Tulane at Memphis is tonight. I really want to take Tulane +12.5. I just want a piece of this game. Lets do $100 on Tulane. Small bet, I want to watch Stranger Things Season 2. If I bet big I won’t be able to focus.

Stay Tuned for Stranger Things 2 Review on Atrainsports.

Principal Plays:

West Virginia -7.5 home vs Oklahoma State. I think on principal I like a home dog in the Big 12. I could lose this bet, but I feel confident making it 10/10 times. Oklahoma State was in a dog fight last week with Texas. Trip across country to West Virginia, early start. This is what you call a trap game. I almost hesitate to say that, b/c in the Big 12 every game is a trap game unless you’re playing Kansas. $200 on WVU. 

San Jose State -11.5 at BYU. BYU has not cover a single spread all year. Not once. San Jose State while being terrible, have covered some spread this season, now they are getting points vs a team that really struggles to score. (BYU has been a champion for the under) This opened at -14, would that we got it at that juicy number. We shall take it at SJSU -11.5 for $200 Alex.

Motherfuckas act like they forgot about Lane:

Florida Atlantic -6.5 at Western Kentucky. Didn’t the Illini beat Western Kentucky? Lane Kiffen has Florida Atlantic scoring serious points, This spread almost seem fishy. I feel like this is such an Ironclad lock that FIU covers it bothers me. Is Lane gonna tank this game for Vegas? If there is one coach scummy enough to do so it’s our boy Lane. I hope this game is on the up & up. $250 on FIU and night train Lane.

Not on the Bet-Sheet but other games I like:

Fresno State to cover -20 at home vs UNLV.

Houston +11 to cover at South Florida.

Kansas State -24.5 to cover at Kansas.

BYU – SJSU under 54.5 total points.



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