Fast Lane Friday Skeletal Shakers

Clickety clack the rail riders attack fast! That’s the sound of the PBM Caboose rolling into the station, kiddos. Coming at you live and direct on Friday morning in a global warming filled world with ya girl slurping my wisdom pearls! Goddamn it, it feels good to be alive! Without further adieu, here’s the ish I was blaring as I drove home to the Prone Bone Dome after another wonderful night out with the ladies of STL:

Sean Price X Destruct X Johnny O, “Three for Twenty Nine”

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – Sean P is my favorite MC to ever take a breath. And if you’re familiar with Decepticon Sean, you know he takes a ton of them. Such a dope track that is named after P’s time dealing rock in the streets when the heads were a dollar short for three bags. Iconoclastic shit.

Ludacris feat. Big K.R.I.T., “Come and See Me”

This is off Luda’s last studio release from 2015 which was a super underrated effort from a man who has become a super underrated tail end Golden Era MC. I love Luda. I really love K.R.I.T., who conjures up feelings of Goodie Mobb + David Banner all in one. This track eats road.

Vinnie Paz, “The Oracle”

Boxcutter Pazzy X Mean Joe Preem on the tracks? BANGER DELUXE. Nothing else to say.

Black Milk feat. Guilty Simpson, “Sound the Alarm”

Black Milk is the super dope, always forgotten (outside of head circles) amazing producer. He makes thumpers and also has an extremely soulful approach when he changes it up. This joint, featuring the always solid bars of Detroit’s Guilty Simpson, is whiplash inducer.

Marco Polo feat. Organized Konfusion, “3-0-Clock”

Pharaohe Monch’s verse on this track is one of the best ever recorded. If you don’t think so, get the fuck off the block. Later, family.

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