Friday Skeletal Shakers – HBD, Punisher

Big Punisher would be 46 today if not for the Cuban sandwiches, stair cases, and mobile seats that move. RIP to the monster that was Big Pun. Verbal arsenal that rivaled all – might not be a better MC who maintains technique with his speed changes. Some of my all time favorite verses. Obviously, this is his best:

But before I drop some lesser known stuff on ya, I’m going to hit you with my three favorite Pun joints. No commentary needed from me except all three of these have been in my steady rotation for 20+ years.

That’s Pun. That’s my man. Personal top five to top ten based on the day. Here’s some of the lesser known / newer ish to power up ya Friday. Let the bass knock.

Warm Brew, “Whispers

West coast cats who literally every corny, millennial white dude from LA who grew up with money will tell you they partied with at one point. They didn’t, FYI. Warm Brew is hit or miss, but this shit is fierce.

Athletic Mic League, “The Declaration”

Boom Bap soothes all that is wrong with ya, family. Just let the drums do the thinking for you. AMC shows ya how that is done.

Neek the Exotic feat. Bumpy Knuckles, “What Kind Of Shit Is This?”

Probably the track I blared the most driving back home to the Lou from LA. Bump & Neek go ballistic on this joint, and the horns + drums make for a dynamic, head noddin’ spectacular beat.

Pumpkinhead feat. Archrival, “Swordfish”

RIP, PH. Just another shark of an MC who lost his life too soon. He also took this Marco Polo beat’s life with lyrical acumen I normally only see from guys trained on the battle rap scene. CHOMP, CHOMP ON THEM BITERS!

Enjoy your weekend, family. I’m heading down to Columbia for Mizzou Hoops’ opening night with the Train and BWak. Pussies? Are you going to do Pussies, PBM? Attention all pussies: Be prepared to meet the man who does ya from the caboose. And stand clear of the fuckin’ closing doors. Peace, y’all.

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