Tuesday Tidal Wave Thumps

The train is being powered by steam and the bass is knockin’ and/or jumpin’ like the Salmon of Capistrano, family! One more day in STL with our boy ATrain before he hops on the big jetliner in the sky back to Seattle. Today we’re finalizing our reformatting and recording a couple eps of the “Prone Bone Dome.” We’ve got a ton of video content that the Train is going to source and edit once he’s back at his power station in the Emerald City. We ate a TON of food yesterday, one of which made me nearly cum, one of which nearly made me shit + puke at the same point. Objectively, all of it is pretty hilarious.

I couldn’t leave you all without some dope beats to step with, so before I get into all the aforementioned work, here are today’s Tidal Wave Thumps:

“Cocaine Biimbie,” SIMBA LIVES LONG

This about as fire a joint as you’re going to get from a new school cat. My only beef with the track and this dude is that he use all caps for his name. Wack. But his mic skills are legitimate and this track in particular goes harder than a brick house slathered in cement. No stucko.

“I’m Made,” Sap

This is one of my go-to cruising tracks of 2017. I’m not sure the year it dropped, but it didn’t land in my speakers until way earlier this year. Fuckin’ A, I’m glad it did. Sap has a smooth ass flow reminiscent of many HTown cats, but his lyrical acumen is a bit higher. He’s got some other solid joints, but doesn’t get the production to truly shine. This beat lets him properly showoff.

“The Essence of Real Rap,” NBS feat. Akrobatik

I love me some Snowgoons beats, and this is one of their best. Add my boy Akrobatik to the mix, and you’ve got some funk in spades.

“1 for Dam,” Black Milk feat. Fat Ray

When Fat Ray hits this track with “Drrrrruuuuggggs,” I lose it every time. Soulful headnod harmony in this beast of a track. Black Milk, as I’ve said before, is ridiculously underrated. I don’t want an album with him hosting 20+ MC’s, I need one.

Choo, choo mafuckas. The pussies gettin’ done in the caboose are loose. Gotta go reign them in.

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