A-Train Eats: Taste of STL with P.B.M.

I spent last week in St. Louis with my fellow blogger PBM. We decided to hit up the foods unique to St. Louis. Gooey Butter Cake, Toasted Ravoli, St. Paul Sandwich, and St. Louis Style Pizza.

Not Featured in the Video: St. Louis Style Pizza. Pretty much we were so hungry by the time we got the pizza that we didn’t bother to video tape it. We tore into it like a pack of feral dogs on a fresh kill.

St. Louis Style Pizza is ultra thin crust with provel cheese. Imo’s is the dominant STL style pizza place but thin crust provel pizza can be found all over. I had Imo’s twice in St. Louis and both times it hit the spot. It’s all about the provel cheese, a cheese extremely hard to find outside of STL. Provel is a lot saltier than Mozz and it melts at a lower temperature.

Sausage and Bacon from Imo’s

You need to let a fresh Imo’s pizza cool a bit unless you want the cheese to be soup, for this reason it’s an excellent delivery pizza. Imo’s is almost not pizza, its kinda cheese and crackers with a thin bit of sauce.  I wouldn’t take it over the pizza you get in Chicago, but it’s a nice change of pace. The crust is so thin that a stoned individual can finish an entire large by themselves and not even remember it. If you know your STL pizza then you know Bacon is the preferred topping on a STL pizza. It’s worth a try if you find yourself in the gateway to the west.

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