Fanucci Friday: Dry Beaks Get Wet.

Last week was not my best showing, in fact it was my worst. I was on the road last week traveling, and just like Notre Dame and Georgia, I was simply not prepared.

This is a very important lesson to the degenerate gambler. It reinforces two important pillars of the Pantheon of Sports Betting.

  1. If you have a process, stick to that process, do not let a good week inflate your confidence, you can’t shirk your duties.
  2. Traveling, lack of sleep, bad diet effect your ability to pick games the same way it effects a football player’s ability to execute the game plan.

I’m back in the Emerald City now but it’s a short week for A-Train. I’m not going to lie my confidence in picking games is at an all time low after last week. Georgia and Notre Dame let us down big-time and I need to respect the home field in huge games especially late in the season.

U is back

Notre Dame vs Miami: Hurt me the most. I should have stayed away. Notre Dame and Miami had both been winning money for us this season but Notre Dame had done it with more consistency. In the moments leading up to the game and seeing the atmosphere I was tempted to write an emergency blog picking the U. Now I wish that I had.

I love Lane: Lane Kiffen was the only guy who bothered to cover for me last week. I am eternally grateful. You are the man Lane. Thanks Arizona for the push, way to let the beavers score two TDs in the 4th quarter.

This Weekend:

As much as I would love to take Lane and the Owl’s this week, the 14.5 spread vs Florida International seems a too high for me. If it was 10, I’d be all over it. I’d would advise to pick against Lane this week if I didn’t love him so much. I think his streak of covers comes to an end here.

I’m going through these games and seeing nothing that I like.

let’s see Wake Forest -1.5 at home vs NC State. Let’s take the home team here. Wake Forrest in the night game.

Virginia -20 at Miami. This line seems inflated by what happened last week. Virginia should hang around vs the U. 12:00 am kickoff means that Miami will probably start slow.

Mizzou -8.5 at Vanderbilt. At some point our strategy of “fade” Mizzou turned into “ride” Mizzou. It seems ok so far, one more win and the alma mater is bowl eligible. I think I reverse jinxed them when I said they were the worst team in the SEC.

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 10.05.22 AM
4 losses against the spread followed by 6 wins. The Tigers get better each week.

LSU -15 at Tennessee: We are gonna trust in coach O. LSU has had a Mizzou-esq turnaround vs the spread this season. They are on a 4 game cover streak. Geaux Tigers!

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 10.13.17 AM
Yes, I do think I just jinxed two teams called the Tigers.

 Considering: Ole Miss -2.5 home vs TAMU. What if I told you that Texas A&M has only played 2 road games? They are coming off three straight home games, and haven’t left College Station since Oct 14th. Now they are going into Oxford at night. I think the over is probably also good here 68 seems low for two teams that don’t play great defense.

This seems like one of the worst weeks in terms of good games. I guess Wisconsin – Michigan is the biggest game? I think I like the Badgers in that one. Let’s go 300 again on each game, I’ll tweet out if I decide to bet the Ole Miss game, it will probably depend on how we do earlier. Have a great weekend..A-Train out.

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