Friday Skeletal Shakers featuring Irv Da Phenom

STAND CLEAR OF THE MAFUCKIN’ CLOSIN’ DOORS, FAMILY! The juice is loose in the caboose and PBM is steam rollin’ through all you clown shoes! It’s cold as shit in STL. The weather has turned. Winter has cum. I have cum. Yet, I digress. It’s Friday, and today we shake skeletons. Ya boy PBM has made some huge strides in his professional aspirations this week, and Irv Da Phenom has laid down the background music for said strides. Let’s dive right into what I believe are this three best joints.


This machine of a track has been at the forefront of my listening for the last three days or so. Just a masterpiece of Hip Hop sounds that blends new school, old school, lyrical bars, and speed bars. I really, really love this song. It has been certified: BANGER DELUXE.


Soulful as all get out. You see how easy it was for me to write that, millennials? I didn’t need to use “AF.” “AF” is one letter short of calling something “ALF,” and Alf ate cats and wasn’t funny. So let’s just say how dope something is if it deserves or actually spell out a few things instead of using emojis are lame ass abbreviations. This song makes me feel good despite observing the aforementioned tomfoolery daily.

“Here I Am”

Second favorite thumper Irv has dropped to “Still.” Love this album title / thematic. That’s a time honored tradition in Hip Hop music – to blend two cities and their styles into one album or mixtape. It tends to yield decent results – not when STL is involved, because most of our artists stink, but with the other larger cities it turns out pretty well.



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