PBM Pigskin Particulars

We took a week off from our normal route on Mondays last week, rail riders. We shall NOT do that again. Ya boy PBM watched the full slate of games yesterday, and I have observations ‘o plenty. I dropped my Pick 5 on ya on my solo dolo edition of the Prone Bone Dome, but let’s start by recapping those picks.

VIKINGS (-2.5) over Rams

TEXANS (+3.5) over Cardinals

RAVENS (+2.5) over Packers

EAGLES (-3.5) over Cowboys

SEAHAWKS (-2.5) over Falcons

Look at that, family. 4-0 going into tonight. Russell Wilson is the man I need to pop my Pick 5 cherry. Ironic, no? A cocksman such as myself needing a dude who has apparently only been inside one vagina…seems ironic enough that it just might work. ATrain was trying to rain on my parade last night and bring up the fact that Seattle is without Sherman (not a big deal – he’s not good anymore) and Kam Chancellor (a big deal, but that’s not focus on this). His plan may have worked if not for the simple fact that Matty Luke Warm and the Falcons STINK. Where are we going to eat after I win, Wesley Snipes’ funny buddy from “White Men Can’t Jump?”

On to the my other key observations from the week…


I get into an argument with stupid people every year when MVP voting comes around – it’s not about stats in any sport but baseball. Baseball allows for numbers to dictate who wins what award. Football, basketball, and hockey are very different. Brady is the greatest QB of all time. He has led a fairly mediocre group around him to an 8-2 record and to once again be the odds on favorite to win the Super Bowl. He’s the most valuable player in the league by a large margin, and if you think otherwise, you’re dumb. The Mexico City game was a clinical dissection of the Raiders. The Pats defense is good again because of the confidence Brady and the offense inspires. It certainly isn’t because of their talent levels, because they aren’t that good. Brady is the Gawd.


I hope the Vikings beat down of Bodhi Goffer and the boys isn’t their wake up moment, but I fear it is. Zimmer had the perfect schemes and dialed up the perfect plays all day to slow down the Rams high-powered, yet highly inexperienced offense. They took away Gurley and frequently threw doubles at Woods and SWATkins, making guys like Kupp and Higbee beat them, and the youngsters couldn’t. This might have been equivalent to the Steelers showing out on the Chiefs and giving the league a blue print to follow. We will check in with Jared later today and see what he thinks.


  • Mike McCarthy needs to be fired for sticking with Brett Hundley.
  • The Saints are the real deal – I told you so.
  • Carson Wentz and/or Fletcher Cox is #2 in the MVP voting. The other one is #3.
  • Fuck Goodell for suspending Zeke.
  • Larry Fitzgerald is the most underrated and under celebrated player of any sport from his generation.
  • The Pats/Steelers AFC title game is gonna be great.


  1. New England Patriots
  2. Philadelphia Eagles
  3. Pittsburgh Steelers
  4. New Orleans Saints
  5. Minnesota Vikings
  6. Carolina Panthers
  7. Los Angeles Rams
  8. Jacksonville Jaguars
  9. Seattle Seahawks
  10. Kansas City Chiefs
  11. Detroit Lions
  12. Tennessee Titans
  13. Atlanta Falcons
  14. Baltimore Ravens
  15. Los Angeles Chargers

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