ESPN is Spending an Inordinate Amount of Time Talking About the “Butt Fumble” a Play that Happened 5 Years Ago.

ESPN cancels Barstool Van Talk, they didn’t want to be associated with the Barstool brand? What they did want to do was resurrect the “Butt Fumble” and treat it like the immaculate reception but for poopy plays and jam it down our throats till we gag.

Here it is in case you don’t already have it seared into your memory:

ESPN is almost always on in my place, usually on mute. I’ve actually had the sound on and all I’m hearing is talk of this play that happened 5 years ago like it was some amazing thing. ESPN had everyone’s take on the Butt Fumble, they brought in the people who wrote the headlines for the New York Post, local radio personalities all to recall a play that really had no bearing on anything.

It wasn’t the Super Bowl, or even a playoff game. It was a regular season game, a shitty QB ran into his fat O-lineman’s ass and fumbled. End of story. The Jets were already down 14 to the Patriots, the game was already decided. Why is the “World Wide Leader” in sports trying to milk a dead cow? Is this what they think the “Barstool Audience” wants? It’s not. Swing and a miss ESPN, once again you guys missed the mark.

I’m one of the least mature people on Earth and I am over the Butt Fumble. ESPN attempts at edginess are to take a single blooper and giggle because the get to say “Butt Fumble” twenty times in twenty minutes. I remember at the time it happened ESPN wouldn’t let it go. It was on the “Not Top Ten” for almost a year straight. We had enough of it back then.

Look I can handle it for the 5 year anniversary, but what about when the 10 year rolls around? Is ESPN gonna stuff my thanksgiving turkey with a tribute to the Butt Fumble, I mean where does it all end?

Poor Mark Sanchez, he’s third string for the Chicago Bears, the Butt Fumble probably seems like the glory days to him now. People still had it in their head he was a good QB. Still, he probably doesn’t need ESPN putting this in his face as he tries to get ready for Thanksgiving. Gobble Gobble, A-Train out.

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