Bull-dozed in the Bay.

Where do I even begin with these Chicago Bulls? Last night they got humiliated by the defending champion Golden State Warriors on a level rarely seen in professional sports. Golden State beat the Bulls 143-94. First, let that score sink in. Now consider that the Warriors didn’t even play Kevin Durant or Draymond Green. Instead, they Started Jordan Bell for the first time in his career against the hapless Bulls. Jordan Bell, if you will recall, is the player that the Bulls drafted and then sold to Golden State for “cash considerations.” Bell proceeded to kick dirt on the Bulls when his name was announced. He flashed the money sign in their face. Mocking the mere 3.5 million he was sold for.



Great to see the guy they traded Jimmy Butler for getting owned by someone they sold for NBA chump change.

This makes the beating so much worse than just the score. It was an outright calculated move by Kerr, throw the Bell trade back in their face. He was showing the Bulls what winners do, the Bulls are just pathetic losers. It was the sports equivalent of being “Scotty doesn’t know’d.”‘ on National Television. The Bulls are Scotty. Shoutout to the movie Eurotrip.

The Bulls had no business trading Bell to the best team in the NBA for cash. It’s the kind of move that should be illegal. The Best team in the NBA shouldn’t be buying draft picks from the worst team. If anything it should be the other way around. I’m glad he told the post-game reporter’s “I wanted to know how cash consideration was playing over there.” The front office in Chicago deserves all the egg on its face.

I get that the Bulls are tanking, but you can tank without selling off an asset. Jordan Bell wouldn’t suddenly make the Bulls not the worst team in the NBA. He would be on that roster though, and he’s worth more than a flat 3.5 million. It’s just more bad general managing from the worst general manager(s) in sports.

The tanking for a draft pick might work out for the Bulls, they might get the #1 pick and take Marvin Bagely Jr. It could work out for them, but even if it does it will be blind luck. Gar Forman and Jon Paxson don’t have a clue but it doesn’t seem like Jerry Reinsdorf even cares. He isn’t interested in firing them despite the desperate pleas from the entirety of the Bulls Nation.


Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 7.46.05 PM
Your Chicago Bulls.


The feelings of helplessness and hopelessness that have plagued Knicks fans for so long is now being felt by the people of Chicago. A once great franchise is brought low by the machinations of a few cowardly men. What as Bulls fans are we to do? What can we do? We are Scotty, we don’t know.

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