Sounds of Silence – You are Vanquished.

Family, I apologize. I missed ya yesterday with those thumps. The Train came in and hit you with some phenomenal tunes as your boy was off the radar. The Prone Bone Malone express has been standing room alone lately, and that coupled with the new business I referenced on the Prone Bone Dome has taken up a whole helluva lot of time. All that being said, I’m back, mafuckas. And I got some Johnny Blaze funk to hit you with on this bluster filled, wintery Wednesday morning in the Lou.

“Feel it Still,” Portugal The Man (Flatbush Zombies Remix)

I’m thinking of giving Flatbush Zombies their own feature blog very soon – these guys are kind of the counterpoint to the Underachievers. Similar styles and flows, but the Zombies are wayyyyy more grimy and love to talk about drugs. The Underachievers are goonish with their bars only, and basically only smoke weed. The track above is a dope non Hip Hop one that the Zombies managed to make it better. More from them to come this week.

“WRATH,” DTCHPLNES feat. Danny Brown

Danny Brown is another grimy, young thundacat who might catch his own feature blog. The best story about him is one where a ratchet ass chick blew him from the crowd while he was rhyming with his cock in her mouth. Boss made status and PBM certified.

“Ring the Alarm,” Joey BadA$$ feat. Nyck Caution, Kirk Knight, and Meechy Darko of Flatbush Zombies

Pro Era + Meechy from Flatbush = MEGATON FLAMES. This might be my favorite new school joint that was released in 2017.

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