The #1 Selling Album of All-Time: Michael Jackson’s Thriller Turns 35 Today.

Consider this my “Throwback Thursday” post. It’s Billie Jean’s 35th Birthday. Everyone knows this album. It sold 66 million copies. It’s part of the American cultural ether and has been omnipresent my entire life. I was still pooping in a diaper when this Album came out. When my parents bought our first CD player for the household. “Thriller” was one of the first Albums purchased.

It’s 9 tracks, 42 minutes and 19 seconds in total. Not a particularly long album. What it lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality. Pretty much every track is a classic.


Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 8.43.25 AM
How many copies sold did it take to build Neverland Ranch I wonder?

The only thing that takes away from the greatness of “Thriller” is the fact that it was made by a weirdo who built an entire facility designed to lure little children into his home. A weirdo who also had so much plastic surgery he looked like a white woman by the end of his life. A weirdo who seemed to get a major pass by everyone for his predilection for young boys.

People Listening to the Album in 1982, of course, didn’t know what the future would hold. They only knew that a game-changing new album had dropped and it was getting play everywhere. Track #1 comes in hot……

How do you not just start moving when you hear this music? The re-listen of “Thriller” does not disappoint it really does live up to the hype. Nor does it feel dated despite its age. Great music truly is timeless and “Thriller’ has stood the test of time.

(there is a jackhammer doing business right outside my window as I try to blog this, there is no end to the construction around A-Train Corp. right now it’s driving me crazy and I may have to wrap this up) 


Worse than a jackhammer, this is a whole thing. It’s too early for this shit Seattle!


UGH! where was I? Oh yeah, Michael’s Jackson’s Thriller. Give it a listen on its 35th Birthday and try not to think about how the profits went into building a molestation ranch.

-A-Train out.


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