End Wackness Before the Weekend

Last stop! Get ya asses out of ya seats, rail riders! It’s ya boy Prone Bone Malone, entering ya homes, ruining ya comfort zones, and posting up on ya thrones with some new school dynamite to set your Friday nights off PROPER. I got some fire for you today, family. Some shit that I’ve been losing mind to the past few days while I plan to take over the world on my game that is so far from Trump’s the thumps toss his ass in the dump. Let’s get with it.

“Conversations,” Tsu Surf featuring Joe Budden

8 minutes of full, unadulterated Hip Hop. The youngin, Tsu Surf, puts his heart on this track as the old head, Joe Budden, fills his mind with wisdom to utilize and wisdom that you might not need to put into action. Listen to it all the way through, peoples. Budden’s verses are on the next level. Might be his best display of all-time. Also want to point out his name doesn’t have an ‘s’ on it. It’s Budden, not Buddens.

“Against All Odds,” Trae the Truth

I’m not a Tupac guy. Plain and simple. He didn’t write his own bars (most of the time), he stole beats from other dudes (Daz and Kurupt above most), and is supremely inferior to Cube, Snoop, Eiht, and other west coast MC’s. Yet, Trae the Truth channeling one of Pac’s better tracks and making it better calls for me to post this joint for the family. Trae might be the most underrated or second most underrated southern MC of all time (depends on whether or not you feel K.R.I.T. is properly rated). His flow is buttery smooth, and his lyrical acumen is not to be trifled with. He blends HTown with some of KC’s speed rap to make flames. Love this BANGER DELUXE.

“Mushroom Clouds,” Young Aspect feat. Merkules & Charlie Fettah

New school, Canadian Boom Bap! Christmas come early! I need to body this beat myself – have some bars in the can that would slay on this Young Aspect thumper. Prone Bone Malone aka Cro Bagnon Man aka Macadelic aka Drewtang is coming with an album in 2018. Lock your doors.

“I’m Forever,” Kutt Calhoun

One of the biggest gems at Tech N9ne’s Strange Music, Kutt Calhoun has BAAAARRRRS. He puts all of his game on display on this hitter of a track. Play it loud, and tell your neighbors to get with the funk movement.

“Cosby Kids,” Goldyard

Goldyard is like Dr. Octagon meets The Underachievers. This dude is violent on the mic, and I dig it. Hip Hop horror music – Goldyard is contributing.

I’m out, y’all. Enjoy your weekend. Get yourself a pussy from the caboose and let loose. It’s that time.

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