A-Train Listens III: My Music of the Moment Continued. The White Stripes Edition & Bonus Content.

I had fun putting this segment together last week so I figured why not run it back? The A-Train MMOTM segment is born and is now a staple. So what’s been on the airwaves at A-Train Corp. of late? Listen up:

I don’t really do Christmas music. I do the White Stripes though, that’s sort of Christmas music-y. So while I was putting up some Christmas lights to make A-Train Corp. look a little more festive to the holidays, I was pumping Jack White through the speakers.

This is probably the song that makes me connect the White Stripes to Christmas on the sub-conscious level. The White Stripes are one of my all-time favorite bands. When people ask “What’s a band that sounds better live than in the studio?” I always cite The White Stripes. They are an incredible live band. Jack White is a performer and he doesn’t believe in performing the same song the same way twice.

The White Stripes are a raw band, music stripped down to its basic level and yet they fill the air with sound. Meg’s simplistic Drum beats coupled with Jack improvisation with the guitar and vocals make their live shows something to remember. I’m a sucker for the Black/White/Red color scheme of the band. The White Stripes are cooler than polar bear’s toenails and always will be.

White Stripes Fun Fact:

Every studio album released by The White Stripes has exactly one song with the word “little” in the title.

The White Stripes – Little People.

De Stijl – Little Bird.

White Blood Cells – Little Room.

Elephant – Little Acorns.

Get Behind Me Satan – Little Ghost.

Icky Thump – Little Cream Soda.

Yeah, I think the whole Red-White-Black thing is working.

Bonus Content:

What else has been hitting the airwaves at A-Train Corp.?

The Stone Roses: 

Great Band from the late 80’s early 90’s. It’s been a while since I’ve had them on my radar but I used to love their self-titled album.

Geto Boys:

When you start down the path of listening to Houston rap all roads eventually lead to the Geto Boys…

Der Kommissar – After the Fire:

I should do an entire Blog about the Music of Atomic Blonde, a film I just re-watched for the first time since seeing it in the theatre. I’m just gonna drop Der Kommissar on your head and tell you to go see that movie if you haven’t already.

Enjoy your week A-Train Family! A-Train is out.

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