Jada & Fabo Have Made the Track of the Year

Two of the most underrated spitters from the Golden Era have come together to make magic, family. Jadakiss and Fabolous released their collaborative effort “Friday on Elm Street” last week, and a Swizz Beatz produced joint from the record is the best track of 2017. The caboose has it blasting on repeat.

“Theme Music,” Jadakiss & Fabolous

Swizz flipped that Marvin Gaye sample on its ass, and Fab + Jada rip this beat apart. I’ll say it again – THEY RIP IT APART. When Jada comes in raspy as ever with “Euro Step – German Ruger” I yelp audibly. This is the best music made I’ve come across this year, and I’m as fired up as I’ve been for Hip Hop in a long time. BANGER DELUXE + BANGER MAGNIFICO + BANGER ON MEGATON!!!!

The best of the rest from last week’s releases:

“Rap N*ggas,” Nipsey Hussle

Flashbacks to the No Limit Soldiers days with this joint – it goes so…damn…HAWRD. Nipsey isn’t the most versatile lyricist, but he does this beat justice with some boss ass words that don’t come flimsy at all. BANGER DELUXE.

“The Turn Up,” MED, Blu, and Madlib

Hip Hop lives. It breathes. It derives its energy from whenever Madlib collabs with lyricists as talented as MED and Blu. If you don’t know those two cats, learn about em. Hear em. Because they bring heat in spades.

“1000 N*ggaz,” Phat Kat feat. Lou Louis & Obie Trice

Detroit’s hardest coming in tough with this thumper. Obie Trice made one of the more underrated albums of the early 2000’s, and I love every time Phat Kat jumps on a track and murks it.

“Gluteus Maximus,” Necro

Not the kindest of lyrics from ‘ol Necro (what do you expect?!?), but this song bangs. It’s hilarious, it’s soulful, and it’s really sexist and masochistic. NSFW by any means.

Enjoy the Tuesday, fam. Ya boy is three years sober. Feeling fanfuckingtastic.

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