Friday Artist Focus: Ruste Juxx

Them wheels keep churning, them fires keep burning, and them pussies stay getting turned in from the caboose, family! It’s ya boy Prone Bone Malone coming at you on this bone chillingly cold Friday in the STL. It’s fucking freezing outside. This is not that shit. Since moving from LA back to the hometown, I’ve been looking forward to the novelty of fall and early winter. Well, that novelty has worn off. I’m ready for the climate to always be the same again. In order to bring the heat back to the streets of the Lou and the cold steel of the ATrain rails, I’m going to hone in on my favorite MC of all time, Sean Price’s protégé, Ruste Juxx.

“Fuckin Wit a Gangster,” Ruste Juxx + Marco Polo feat. Sean Price

This is my favorite J-U-double X. Ruste is from Crown Heights, Brooklyn and he is far from a poser. He is very much a relic in the sense that all of his words are probably less than the truth. He could even add more grime if he wanted to. That’s why Sean P jokingly calls himself Ruste’s ghost writer at the end of this joint. P had to convince Ruste to reign it in a little when it came to his street ferocity and venom. Marco Polo blesses Juxx as a “shark” at the end of this banger deluxe, and I actually think Ruste might eat a shark alive in open water.

“I’m On It,” Ruste Juxx + Marco Polo

Another banger off the Marco Polo produced, Ruste Juxx written “The EXxecution.” The grime off this joint leaks through the speakers. As Ruste says, “these shells don’t taste like Velveeta – this track here is hotter than a heater.” JOHN BLAZE SHIT!

“Unphuckwitable,” Ruste Juxx + Pawz One + Beat Bruisers

The name of the track says it all. Ruste is definitely in the top five hardest MC’s to make a studio album. The other four are highly debatable, but I don’t Juxx could be stepped to by one man in the Hip Hop game. He’s the rap game Steve Smith.

“Turmoil,” Ruste Juxx feat. Torare & Supreme

This is objectively Ruste’s best joint. It’s a banger with a message. It features two insane 16’s from two other ridiculously underrated spitters. Makes me proud to be a Hip Hop head, family. Enjoy your Friday!

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