Army vs Navy in the Snow, a Fitting End to the Regular Season. Bonus: ATrain’s College Football Awards.

I’m watching this Army-Navy matchup as I write this. It’s the only game on today, and it marks the end of the regular season of college football. I don’t think I’ve witnessed a single pass play yet. Army-Navy is already a run-heavy matchup but if you throw in the falling snow it becomes true trench warfare. I love it.

I’m also sad. This is an unfamiliar feeling waking up on a Saturday and NOT having a full slate of CFB to watch/gamble on.  All we have left are the bowl games and those don’t start until next Saturday. Even that initial Bowl kickoff is pretty weak, the best game is the LeGarrette Blount Bowl. Boise St. vs Oregon. My bad did I say LeGarrette Blount Bowl? I meant Las Vegas Bowl.

Time to give out some regular season awards:

The Steve Spurrier Visor Award for Outstanding Coaching in the State of Florida: Lane Kiffin. Voting was unanimous over at ATrain Corp. on this one, Lane is a fan favorite for his continued coverage of the point spread.

The Brad Smith Award for Best Black Quarterback: Lamar Jackson. Jackson can now add a more prestigious trophy to his collection. Sure the Heisman is okay but the Brad Smith Trophy is given not necessarily every year, it’s given only when there is a worthy candidate.

The Ken Dorsey Award for Most Overrated White Quarterback: Jake Browning. The Washington QB went from Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Year in 2016, (an award he never should have won)  to nothing more than an Honorable Mention All Pac-12 in 2017. This is probably because he’s super overrated. Here is your Dorsey Trophy Jake, this one we do give out every year.

The Wes Welker Award for Best White Wide Reciever: David Sills. The former QB turned WR led the nation with 18 TDs and finished 2nd in the Biletnikoff Award race. (Which takes into account WRs of all races) I guess you could say he’s pretty fly for a white guy.

The Tim Tebow Award for Best QB Who Should Have Been Benched in Favor of a Better Back-up, but Wasn’t: JT Barrett. This was another unanimous choice. I wonder what that Buckeyes team looks like with Haskins at the helm for the entire season. I guess we will never know, it’s hard to be a great team when the QB is wildly inaccurate.

(Oh man this Army-Navy is so great. 13-7 Navy up, Army Driving inside the 10)

The Peyton Manning Award for the Team that Just Can’t Beat Florida: Kentucky. You guys almost got the Gators this year. Almost.

That’s all the award for right now folks…we will give out the rest next time on “Wet the Beak”

(Army scores! They are up 14-13 with about 5 min left….this should be good.)  A-Train Out.



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