Tiny Wet the Beak: Thursday + Friday Bowl Picks

Another addition of “Wet the Beak” My apologies for not getting picks in for the games on Wednesday.

Military Bowl: Virgina vs Navy

I don’t have a solid play on this game. It’s supposed to be cold, it’s the Military Bowl, I would think that favors Navy. Virgina opened as the favorite but it’s been bet over to where Navy is now a 1.5 point favorite. I really don’t know about this one, I might take the over 55 if I had to do anything.

Camping World Bowl: Oklahoma St. vs Virginia Tech

This is a game I’m excited to watch, it’s also a game that I have very little confidence picking. I’m just going to go with the pokes. This started with Oklahoma as a 6.5 favorite and it’s been bet down to 4.5. I’ll take Oklahoma St. to cover.

Holiday Bowl: Michigan St. vs Washington St.

I’m going with Sparty here. I actually don’t love either of these teams but I just think Michigan State is going to be more prepared and WSU will be missing a couple key players. Major line movement, it looks like Sparty is getting a lot of the money all of a sudden. Sparty is now a 1.5 favorite, after opening as a 4.5 point underdog. Hmmmm. Still going Sparty.

Alamo Bowl: Standford vs TCU

I don’t want to pick against Stanford in a bowl game, I usually pick them to win and they usually do, or at least that’s how I remember it. That being said I like TCU in this game to cover the 2.5. Go with the horned frogs.

Belk Bowl: Texas A&M vs Wake Forest

Oh, look a team I hate vs a team that I love. Fuck Texas A&M, we love the Demon Deacons in this game. Big money on Wake Forest -2.5.

Sun Bowl: NC State vs Arizona St.

Sun Bowl? Let’s go Sun Devils. I’ll take the points -7 and go with the underdog. Just like I think Navy should win the Military Bowl, I don’t see how the Sun Devils don’t win the Sun Bowl. This is how a dumb brain works. Still, a broken clock is right twice a day.

Music City Bowl: Kentucky vs Northwestern

The Music City Bowl is in Nashville, Kentucky is near Nashville. Kentucky will have a lot of fans at this game, a lot more than Northwestern. This is partially why I think Kentucky covers getting 8 points. I think Northwestern wins a very close game, but it wouldn’t shock me if Kentucky steals one. Full Disclosure I have barely watched either of these teams this season especially Northwestern.

Arizona Bowl: New Mexico State vs Utah State

Who could possibly care about this game unless you’re a degenerate gambler? Good thing that’s us… Let’s see neither of the teams in the Arizona Bowl has “Arizona” in their name so I can’t use my Sun Bowl method of picking…Both New Mexico and Utah border Arizona so that’s a wash… I am going to do something I’ve never done. I am going to let Barkley pick this game, Barkley is my dog. Barkley is going with the New Mexico State squad getting 4 points. My dog likes the underdog, go figure.

Cotton Bowl: USC vs Ohio State

Ohio State is a 7.5 point favorite? That is an absurd line to me, I’m all over USC in this game. I am worried that Urban Meyer is the better coach in this matchup, but USC has the better QB and they are simply getting too many points. They didn’t cover vs Penn State, Oklahoma, or Wisconsin. They don’t cover in big games vs good teams. This is a principal play.

I’ll post the rest of the bowl picks later today in a big boy version of WTB. A-Train out.

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