Wet the Beak: The Final Countdown.

Que the Music.

Cotton Bowl:

I covered this game but the line has moved considerably.

The line in the Cotton Bowl has now moved heavily towards Ohio State, I was actually expecting this, but not to this degree, it has gone to as high as -9.5 points. That really worries me now, is it public money or sharp money that’s moving this line? If it’s sharp money then I’m a little bit scared but I’m sticking with my gut. USC covers this ludicrous 9 point spread and possibly just wins the game. I just keep going back to how Ohio State spreads seem constantly inflated and they have not been covering in big games. Big money on men of Troy.

Orange Bowl:


Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 2.25.02 PM.png
Expect to see the turnover chain MORE than once.


I feel confident going with Miami in this game against Wisconsin. I was on Miami from the start and put big money on them right away out of fear that the line would drop and it has. Wisconsin went from -6.5 to -4.5 and I still like Miami. I like Miami to win outright and if you want to give points to The U in Miami at night in an Orange Bowl? Okay. I’ll take that. Wisconsin has not played a team as balanced as Miami thus far. The Hurricanes have been winning us money all season long, let’s ride that wave.

Fiesta Bowl:

This is another game where I feel confident picking Penn State. The Nittany Lions are a tough physical team and I don’t know if Washington is going to be able to match up. I’m a long time Jake Browning hater and a long time advocate of Penn State being for real. Penn State is -2 in a game that could easily be 38-16 Penn State. There is a little bit of uncertainty with some of the coaches leaving Penn State for new jobs but I expect James Franklin’s team to show up and outclass a team from a soft Pac-12 conference. Washinton didn’t play anybody this year Penn State will be far and away their toughest game.

Outback Bowl:

The total in this game is at 42.5 right now, Vegas isn’t exactly expecting a shootout. Michigan -7.5 right now. In a low scoring defensive battle that half point scares the living shit out of me. Michigan could dominate this game from start to finish be up 17-3 the whole game and let in a garbage TD in the end, win 17-10 and not cover. That being said I don’t think South Carolina is very good. I think Michigan is a young team but at the end of a season, the young guys are more comfortable in their roles. Michigan has more talent and I think a lot better coaching. I think Michigan wins 26-13 and covers the spread. I’m going with coach Harbaugh.

Liberty Bowl:

This game features Iowa State vs Memphis and has Memphis at -4 right now. Iowa State plays in the Big 12 and they see high powered offense almost every week. They were the only team to beat Oklahoma and Baker Mayfield. On paper, this seems like an Iowa State play to me. The problem is that this game is being played in Memphis’s backyard and that gives me pause. I still am gonna take the ‘Clones but not super confident.

Peach Bowl:

Auburn -9.5 vs UCF in the Peach. I don’t have a good handle on this game. UCF has put up big point totals vs bad teams. How will they do against a team that beat Georgia and Alabama? I’m not super confident but I’m gonna hop on the Auburn train. War Eagle. Also, I don’t think UCF’s D is going to stop the Auburn rushing attack. Double War Eagle.

Citrus Bowl:


Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 2.26.53 PM.png
Sorry Coach O, we are flipping to the Irish last minute.


ND vs LSU, Brian Kelly vs Coach O, a team that likes to run the ball vs a team that likes to run the ball. The Citrus Bowl is another tough call. I was thinking LSU from the beginning but the more I look at it the more I think maybe just take the Irish and the points in a game that’s gonna be close. Going with the Irish with not a lot of confidence.

I’ll be back for my picks on the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl on Saturday or Sunday. Let’s make some money on these games together fam! A-Train out.

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