New Year, Same Beak, Get it Wet. College Playoff Picks.

I have been talking about the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl for weeks now. This group of 4 teams is so close that picking winners are proving to be very difficult. In the Rose Bowl really no outcome would shock me. I usually ALWAYS go with the team built like Georgia, the team built around defense and a strong running game. This should be an easy Bulldogs pick but something is telling me this is the time to take OU. I think the Sooners defense is not as bad as the numbers suggest. I think if Georgia had to play the high powered Big-12 offenses week in and week out, then their defensive stats would suffer as well. Georgia has not faced an offense like the Sooners.


Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 9.04.24 AM.png
Mayfield has played against some good defensive teams but hasn’t seen a linebacker as talented as Georgia’s Roquan Smith.


The Sooners have played against good defenses, TCU and Ohio State might not be quite on Georgia’s level but they are still tough units and OU was able to put up numbers on both. I really think this game will hinge on OU’s ability to stop Georgia’s rush attack. If Georgia is getting whatever they want in the run game then they will win easy, if OU forces Jake Fromm to beat them, then OU has a good chance to win. I’m gonna suggest taking the points +3 and the Sooners.

In Sugar Bowl, we have Bama-Clemson III. I’m just gonna say this is a really close game between to even team that know each other well. If they play this game 50 times it’s probably 25-25 at the end. So if that’s the case logic dictates that I go with the team getting +3 points, that team is Clemson. I am just letting the spread dictate this pick, If Clemson was favored then I’d say pick Bama. Bama is the favorite then go with Clemson, but don’t bet your life savings.

It hurts for an SEC guy such as myself to pick against two SEC teams, both picks are purely instances where I don’t know who will win so I’m taking both underdogs and asking God to keep these games within a point. A-Train Out.

Update: A-Train is having serious reservations about picking Clemson because of Kelly Bryant vs Jalen Hurts. Hurts has played in these big games before, Bryant has not. This is really starting to cause concern. I’m not changing the pick but man, I am putting a lot of faith in Kelly Bryant.

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