Jalen Hurts Isn’t Getting His Job Back. It’s Tua Time in Tuscaloosa.

That was a mic drop of a TD pass. It was one of three that Tua Tagovailoa tossed in relief of the ineffectual Jalen Hurts. The Tide were dead in the water at halftime if something didn’t change down 13-0 to Georgia.

Then Nick Saban pulled a Dread Pirate Roberts. He told Kirby Smart at halftime “I’m not lefthanded either”

Saban just happened to have a true freshman QB remarkably better at throwing a football than Jalen Hurts and is no slouch in the run game. Ironically Saban’s version of “I’m not lefthanded either” was to play the untested lefty quarterback on the biggest stage in the most pressure-packed situation. Total Dread Pirate Roberts move. Lucky for Saban the kid has ice water running through his veins. His TD pass on 4th down to tie the game at 20-20 was almost more impressive than his pass to win the game.

I’ve been a bit of a Jalen Hurts apologist but he is now the backup. He is situational now, there is no holding back Tua and I’m pretty sure Saban knows it. Going forward with Jalen Hurts is a recipe to get passed by the Georgia’s and Auburn’s of the SEC, you don’t want a disadvantage at that position.

Lost in the Tua performance is just how good Jake Fromm can be. We are just witnessing the beginning of this guys rise as a QB. The fact that Justin Fields the #1 dual threat QB is coming to Athens blows my mind. I don’t see how he gets on the field at QB while Fromm is commanding the offense like a college Peyton Manning.

At least one of these teams is going to be back in the playoffs next season. I think we see the SEC Championship game featuring both these teams in 2018. A-Train Out.

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